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Golden Globes & movie shows

The big movie awards show season kicks off this weekend with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's  GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS this Sunday on NBC. As much as I've cursed NBC in the last few days (Go Team Conan!), I must give them credit for deciding to air the awards LIVE on the west coast this year, so that those of us who actually enjoy watching events as they unfold in real time don't have to go into internet blackout mode for three hours. Tune in at 4pm PT to see Martin Scorsese receive the Cecil B. DeMille for his "outstanding contribution to the entertainment field," watch Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron face off for Best Director (Go Team Hurt Locker!) and revel in Ricky Gervais' hosting abilities. I'm planning on taking a drink every time the camera cuts to Steve Carell laughing at one of his jokes, two drinks if he instead does some kind of deadpan face. Click HERE for a full list of nominees.

If you can't wait until Sunday for awards show action, the CRITIC'S CHOICE MOVIE AWARDS are tonight on VH1, hosted by the incredibly charming Kristin Chenoweth. Rumor has it Death Cab for Cutie is going to be performing "Don't You Forget About Me" as part of a John Hughes tribute. Kevin Bacon will be accepting the Joel Siegel Award the the show tonight, and to celebrate you may want to kick off your Sunday shoes and head over to Central Cinema at 10pm for the return of 80's MOVIE ANTHEM SING-A-LONG. They've also got the MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL QUOTE-A-LONG on Saturday and Sunday (you probably don't need it, but here's a cheat sheet just in case).

In other theatrical news, tonight (Friday) at Northwest Film Forum you can not only see REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, but you'll also be treated to an introduction with its screenwriter, the amazing Stewart Stern. We highly recommend you take advantage of this chance to hear Mr. Stern speak about his iconic film that's celebrating its 55th anniversary. NWFF also has the new documentary NEW BROW, a collection of "interviews from artists, galleries and collectors who initiated and gave momentum to the New American Art Movement." Director Tanem Davidson will be attending tonight's screenings. SIFF continues their Jacques Tati fest with MONSIEUR HULOT'S HOLIDAY. Our neighbors over at Grand Illusion Cinema are showing UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US , a documentary about black metal that, "goes behind the highly sensationalized media reports of 'Satanists running amok in Europe' to examine the complex and largely misunderstood principles and beliefs that lead to this rebellion against both Christianity and modern culture." They also have another weekend of ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW madness in the Friday & Saturday Late Night spot.

If you'd rather stay in this weekend, we've got our Best of 2009 and our Best of The Decade special rental sections up now, in addition to a bunch of excellent new releases like MOON and THE HURT LOCKER. Next week's new DVDs will include the Criterion edition of Steven Soderbergh's CHE, the fifth season of WEEDS and the aforementioned Ricky Gervais in THE INVENTION OF LYING. So enjoy this weekend's Hollywood hubub and we'll see you here at the store.