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Oscar afterglow

For us award show enthusiasts, the day after the Oscars often feels like the day after Christmas, lots of anticipation building up to one day of flurried activity and then a bit of a letdown. Even though my spirits had been dampered by the writers' strike, by 4:30 yesterday afternoon I felt that familiar rush of impending awards presentation. Suddenly I cared deeply about Helen Mirren's dress, who George Clooney picked in his Oscar pool, what made Anne Hathaway nervous about presenting. I settled in by the computer to monitor The Stranger's Live Slog (thank you, Mr. Schmader) and prepared myself for what I hoped would be an exciting evening. Here are my highlights: --I'm a huge fan of the montage, and with this being Oscar's 80th birthday I was treated to an onslaught of film clips. There were clips of past winners for each acting category, remembrances from past winners about how awesome it is to win, and one montage of every Best Picture winner. Seeing them all lined up like that, I couldn't help but wish they could have included "What Should Have Won" in parenthesis for some of them (I love you Academy, but I will never forgive you for Crash). I also enjoyed Jon Stewart's retrospectives of binoculars in film and bad dreams in film. You can't go wrong when you include a clip from Rushmore. --Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova's performance of Falling Slowly from Once, Glen telling us to make art during his acceptance speech, and Jon Stewart bringing Marketa out after the commercial break to remind us there's "fair play for those who dare to dream." It's already on YouTube if you missed it. --Marion Cotillard's acceptance speech--she almost entered Benigni territory there but you could tell it was from a place of genuine overwhelming emotion. Did anyone notice how Forest Whitaker walked with her offstage and was reassuring her as she choked back tears? Sigh... Ok, so what did everyone else think? Did you also wonder what the hell was up with John Travolta's hair? And on a related note: Did everyone else know "I Drink Your Milkshake" was sweeping the country? I had no idea anyone else found that humorous until I saw this on SNL. Gotta love Tina Fey's Juno. In case you haven't been near a computer, tv, newspaper or fanatical video store employee until this moment, here's the full list of winners.