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Valentine's Day: a time for psychology majors.

I just finished watching this movie, and thought I would suggest this film for the beloved 'Valentine's Day'--just in case there is anyone out there totally sick of movies where love is defined as something "sappy" &/or "cutesy". This movie attempts to show another side to that age old question, "What is Love?". In this crazy ass korean film an insane woman flips out on her boyfriend and thinks he's totally sick of her boring face after dating for 2 years. So without telling him, she literally goes and gets her face redone. (tip for the ladies: you think just a makeover with a new haircut and make-up will win him back? try plastic surgery next time! then he'll totally know you're into him!) He is left to wonder where she went spending his days obsessing over her while from a distance she is stalking him until her face heals and she can make her move as a whole new fresh faced lover in his life. Although this sounds (and is) incredibly insane, I noticed more than once or twice sub characters of the movie mention the amount of love involved. "She must love you a lot", etc. Never does the movie intimately explain the thoughts of these characters and only shows the actions (or explain where these characters get all their money for all these surgeries). But is it Love? ONLY TIME WILL TELL! (aahhhh get it??) From our stand point, these people are insane for each other and for no obvious reasons why... but it still gave me a warm fuzzy feeling through all the unintentional scariness, suspense & intensity involved. To note: this isn't a horror movie by any means. it's one of those "are they crazy in love? ...or just plain crazy?" movies... which are always interesting to figure out where that thin line lays... Bring it home and watch it with your lover this Valentine's season, and then question whether you love your partner enough to flip out and physically change your face for them if they are bored looking at you. then you'll both truly know what love is.