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Motivational political films

I have to admit that until the Iowa caucus, I wasn't paying much attention to the Presidential campaigns. The trauma of the last two Presidential elections and the ensuing constant frustration has left me hesitant to pay close attention. But with Super Tuesday coming up and a long campaign ahead, it's time to wake up. I've started making a list of things to watch to reignite the proud citizen inside. I only have a few obvious titles so far: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington--Of course. State Of The Union--Spencer Tracy plays an aircraft mogul running for President. Katharine Hepburn plays his wife who discovers he may be having an affair with a newspaper giant (Angela Lansbury as a villian!) but stands by her man. Lessons about love, marriage, citizenship and corruption are delivered in a way only Frank Capra could. The West Wing--After last week's State Of The Union address (couldn't Bush have mentioned Mars or animal-human hybrids or given a shout out to the creator of Baby Einstein or something to spice things up?), I watched the episode "He Shall, From Time To Time..." that focuses on Bartlet's first SOTU, then I continued with the episode after that and so on through the first season. Only six more seasons to go. American President--Aaron Sorkin's preamble to The West Wing includes this great moment. Bob Roberts--Who doesn't enjoy a good folk song? I know that's just the tip of the iceberg. Please post back here with suggestions. In the meantime, I'll be watching this and this.