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The Hurt Locker & more New Releases for January 12th

This week is chock full of quality releases, so we'll get right to the list. Remember, a * means we also have it available on Blu-ray: THE HURT LOCKER * - Kathryn Bigelow's engrossing Iraq War thriller is a strong contender this awards season, as is its star Jeremy Renner. MOON * - Many of us at Scarecrow have a soft spot for psychological science fiction films, and this one starring Sam Rockwell sucked us right in. BIG FAN - Patton Oswalt is a devout New York Giants fan whose world is turned upside down after a disturbing altercation with one of the players. It was written and directed by The Wrestler screenwriter Robert D. Siegel. DEPARTURES - Last year's Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film explores matters of life and death through the eyes of an out of work cellist who accidentally takes a job as an undertaker. IN THE LOOP * - We've had last year's opening night film at SIFF for a while now, but here it is domestically and on Blu-ray. We highly recommend it. HALLOWEEN II * - Michael Myers' trail of carnage continues in Rob Zombie's sequel to his reimagining of the horror classic. THE UNINVITED - The American remake of the Korean film A Tale of Two Sisters (available upstairs in our Korean horror section) stars Emily Browning, Elizabeth Banks and David Strathairn. AMREEKA - 'Amreeka chronicles the adventures of Muna, a single mother who leaves the West Bank with Fadi, her teenage son, with dreams of an exciting future in the promised land of small town Illinois.' It also stars Alia Shawkat from Whip It and Arrested Development. I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF - We recently made a Tyler Perry section up in our Literature section with his fellow playwrights. His latest film stars Taraji P. Henson. LIKE STARS ON EARTH - Disney brings this critically acclaimed Indian film about a teacher trying to connect with a bright but troubled boy to the U.S. FAME * - It's pretty much the same as the original 1980 classic, but this time there's I-Pods and You Tube PASSING STRANGE: THE MOVIE - From the SIFF 2009 catalog: 'Part rock concert, part memoir, part Broadway musical, Spike Lee's new documentary breaks conventions to tell its story of a young L.A. songwriter's international journey to self-discovery.' MAMMOTH - A drama about the more personal side of globalization from director Lukas Moodysson (Lilya-4-Ever) starring Michelle Williams and Gael Garcia Bernal. THE SIMPSONS: SEASON 20 * - There are people who can't even remember a time before The Simpsons NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE 8 ˝---Criterion Edition Gazwrx: Films of Jeff Keen Sex, Lies and Videotape Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day Untouchables - Special Collector's Edition Volcanoes of the Deep Blue Sea MORE NEW TV ON DVD ER: Season 12--Hurray for Maura Tierney, Parminder Nagra, Sara Gilbert and Linda Cardellini. Make It or Break It: Vol. 1 - 'Experience the rivalry and romance of four teenage girls on their path to Olympic gold.' Robin Hood (2006): Season 3--Another season of the UK's show starring Jonas Armstrong. 10 Things I Hate About You: Volume 1 - The first installment of the ABC Family Channel show based on the film. Top Chef: Season 5 New York - Relive every quickfire with Jaime, Carla, Stefan and Fabio. ANIME NEW RELEASES Genshiken 2 Vol. 3: Anta Baka? Ghost In The Shell 2.0 - Remastered! Hidamari Sketch: Season 1 Naurto Shippenden Vol. 5 - Uncut! FAMILY NEW RELEASES Bugs Bunny's Cupid Capers Huntik: Secrets & Seekers Vol. 3 March On! & More Stories About African American History New Adventures of Black Beauty: Season 1 Timothy Goes To School: Be My Valentine NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Aladin (2009) - India Bancs Publics (2009) - France Chant Des Mariees (2008) - France Cortex (2008) - France The Cricket (1980) - ItalyFemale Combatants Battle School (2005) - Japan Have Mercy On Us All (2007)(PAL Code 2) - France Human Cobras (1971) - Giallo (Italian horror) Hunchback of the Morgue (1973) - Spanish Euro-horror Joyless Street/The Other Eye (1925)(PAL) - Germany, directed by G.W. Pabst Lady Medic (1976) - Italy Last Deadly Mission (2008) - France L'Aventure (2009) - France Mancora (2009) - Peru Onimasa: A Japanese Godfather (1982) - Japan Phar Lap (1983)(PAL Code 4) - Australia Henri Platt: Seven Films (2009)(PAL) - Netherlands Sixth Part of the World/In The Shadow(1926) - Russia, directed by Dziga Vertov Stone Council (2008) - France Stone Killer (1973) (PAL Code 2 & 4) - Italy Summer Hours (2008) - France Sun of Kurobe: Part 1 & 2 (2009) - Japan NEW DOCUMENTARIES, STAND-UP COMEDY & OTHER NON-FICTION FILMS Acting Shakespeare - A 1982 special in which Sir Ian McKellen discusses Shakespeare's works and performs some of the most famous monologues. Afroamerindios - 'The documentary Afroamerindios posits the theory that two deep-seated modes of perception existed - and came into trenchant conflict - at the time of the Pilgrims' arrival in the New World and their initial encounters with Native Americans. One "mode" - that of the indigenous tribes - involved nature and spiritual ideas, many tied inherently to animism; the other "mode" - that of the Europeans - rested squarely on a base of rational thought and reasoning. Afroamerindios both explores the former and pays tribute to its celebrators, thus contributing to the preservation of Native American cultural tropes and ideas.' - Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide Brothers at War - Director Jake Rademacher's documentary about his two brothers serving in Iraq. Watch the trailer here. By The People: The Election of Barack Obama - 'Millions saw history made as Barack Obama took the podium on election night. But few witnessed his unguarded moments in the hours and days before he greeted the nation until now. Meet the man who would be president and the dedicated campaign workers who helped get him there in this unprecedented documentary trailing their history-making odyssey to the White House. Witness never before seen footage of Obama behind the scenes, as well as interviews and candid moments with family, senior campaign staff, volunteers, reporters, supporters and even opponents.' Classic Clothing Designer Films - A collection of short films from the 1940s and 50s on everything from hair styles to the story of stockings to a promotional reel for rayon. Day The Universe Changed: Volumes 1-5 - BBC historian James Burke explores how discovery and a sharing of information and perceptions has shaped our view of the universe. Earthquake Presents: From The Outhouse to the White House - Six comedians reflect on the election of President Obama, including Earthquake, Sheryl Underwood and Joe Clair. Genesis: A Living Conversation: Volume 1--In God's Image, Volume 2--The First Murder, Volume 3--Call and Promise Volume 4--The Test , Volume 5--God Wrestling--Bill Moyers and members of different faiths explore Biblical texts Kathy Griffin: She'll Cut a Bitch--She's got an Emmy and she's not afraid to use it! Artie Lange: Jack and Coke--Stand-up comedy from the Howard Stern Radio Show regular. PEZheads: The Movie - A portrait of the PEZ phenomenon and obsessed collectors. River Monsters - This Animal Planet production is a 'rip-roaring ride through the dark side of nature mixes action and adventure with mysteries, edge-of-the-seat chases and a battle of wills between man and almost supernatural beasts. Watch as Jeremy Wade deconstructs exactly how these river monsters are constructed to kill.' Toyo's Camera: Japanese American History During WWII - Toyo Miytake smuggled a lens into a Japanese interment camp, made a camera and proceeded to chronicle life on the inside. With One Voice - Peter Coyote narrates this documentary which 'shares the eternal message and wisdom of the mystics.' Gladiators: The 1974 Elvis Karate Legacy Project –Learn more here AND MORE MOVIES Ballad in Blue - Ray Charles stars as himself and performs many of his standards in this 1964 drama. Burning Plain - 'Academy Award® winners Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger star in this romantic mystery about hope, redemption and second chances. Sylvia (Theron) is a woman on the edge whose cool, professional demeanor masks a deeply troubled, sexually charged storm within. When a stranger from Mexico confronts her with her mysterious past, she is launched into an emotional journey back to the defining moment of her life. Gina (Basinger) is a housewife trapped in a loveless marriage who finds solace and passion in an illicit affair. Though separated by time and great distances, these women find their lives linked by the forces of love and fate.' Dark Rage - 'Ned Harris is a fifty-something everyman. Doting father. Loyal colleague. Compassionate landlord. Serial killer. Beneath the seemingly normal surface resides a web of warped sensibilities, spontaneous brutality and cold-blooded murder. Dark Rage is a twisted journey into a deeply disturbed mind.' Deadline (2009) - 'Alice (Brittany Murphy), an artist recovering from a psychological breakdown, retreats to a remote Victorian house to convalesce and focus on finishing her screenplay in time for a fast approaching deadline. When she begins hearing strange sounds and seeing apparitions, Alice searches for the source, only to find disturbing videotapes in the attic. Fascinated by her discovery, Alice digs deeper to uncover the mysterious story of the couple (Thora Birch and Marc Blucas) on the tapes, sending her on a twisting and terrifying pursuit to find out what is behind the endless mind games.' Deep in the Valley - The IMDb says, 'a mysterious video booth transports two friends to an alternate reality straight out of a pornographic film' in this comedy starring Denise Richards and Parks & Recreation's Chris Pratt. That explains why she's wearing sexy underpants on the cover, the DVD is unrated, and the cover boasts of a NAKED commentary track. Downloading Nancy - 'When Albert Stockwell (Rufus Sewell) comes home from work one day he finds a note from his wife of 15 years, Nancy (Maria Bello), saying she has gone to see friends. After waiting several days, Albert realizes that his wife is missing. Nancy has met her salvation on the Internet in the form of Louis Farley (Jason Patric). Nancy and Louis, both wounded souls, take comfort in one another through e-mail, pictures, and promises of perverse sexual encounters. Nancy has finally found the one and only thing that can liberate her from the pain in her life. While she pursues the freedom that she feels will only come with ultimate liberation, Albert is left to put the pieces together and try to salvage what is left.' 18 Fingers of Death - 'Kung-Fu master Buford Lee is a legend in his own mind. After starring in 803 of the finest action movies ever filmed, Buford faces his biggest fight ever when producers pull the plug on the movie that is destined to make him a super-star. The action is fast and the laughs are furious in this Kung-Fu Hustle meets Spinal Tap Sock-umentary.' Falling For Grace - A case of mistaken identity whisks an ambitious Wall Street banker out of Chinatown and into the arms of a most eligible bachelor in this romantic comedy starring Queer As Folk's Gale Harold and writer/director Fay Ann Lee. It also features Lewis Black and Margaret Cho. Goliath (2009) - 'Best known for their award-winning and hilariously deadpan Sundance shorts, acclaimed independent filmmakers the Zellner Brothers now deliver a new feature length comedy about a man who loses his wife, his job and his mind. But worst of all, he s also lost his beloved cat Goliath. What follows is a laugh-out-loud grim search for the sweetest, most wonderful cat in the whole world that straddles the line between humor and pathos like few other comedies you ve ever seen. Writer/director David Zellner, producer/editor Nathan Zellner, Wiley Wiggens (Dazed and Confused) and Andrew Bujalkski (Funny Ha Ha) star in this indie festival hit that Cinematical calls, a welcome funny and human reminder of the simple fact that the little things can mean a lot, both in life and in art.' M (1951) - Joseph Losey's American remake of Fritz Lang's classic 1931 film. Man Called Adam (1966) - Drama about a self-destructive jazz musician, starring Sammy Davis, Jr., Ossie Davis, Cicely Tyson and Louis Armstrong. Man In The Chair - 'The superb Christopher Plummer plays Flash, a curmudgeon with a hankering for classic movies and booze. Cameron is a volatile teen who commits grand theft auto just because the car is an exact replica from Christine. Their relationship is forged in the darkness of a movie theater and fueled by a mutual appreciation of rebellion and cinema. Cameron enters a student film contest, though he lacks the resources of his peers. Learning that Flash is a retired Hollywood gaffer-and the only surviving crew member from Citizen Kane-Cameron follows him to his home at the Motion Picture Residence for the Elderly, a colony of aging film folk set aside by the industry. A quirky fellowship develops, in which Flash and his friends help Cameron make his film, and, in doing so, change his life.' Pretty Ugly People - The tagline for this comedy starring Missi Pyle is 'Is Losing the Weight Worth Losing Your Friends?' Hmmwell, Allison Janney's in it so there's hope. The Real Emmanuelle (1974) - Also known as Amore Libero or Free Love. Riverman (2004) - Local interest alert! This docurama is all about the interviews done with Ted Bundy in the hopes of finding the Green River Killer. Check out this scene with Cary Elwes as Bundy: Superheroes - A troubled Iraq War vet begins on the long road to recovery with the help of a documentary filmmaker who wants to make a movie about his experiences. Tru Loved - 'Like all teens, Tru struggles to fit in. But when her lesbian moms decide to move the family to a conservative suburban town, Tru's life becomes complicated by sexual politics, closed minds and closeted friends. Starring Najarra Townsend, Matthew Thompson and Jake Abel.' plus a scary looking Argentinean ghost story called The Appeared (this trailer doesn't have English subs, but the DVD does) and Gilmore Girls / late ER's Alexis Bledel in Post-Grad We also have our BEST DVDs of 2009 and BEST OF THE DECADE special rental sections up now. Head in out of the rain and get something to watch. hurtlocker