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The first week of 2010 is almost over and we hope the new decade is treating everyone well. If you're New Year's resolutions included any cinematic goals (seeing all of Kurosawa's films, finally watching THE GODFATHER saga, having another go at the LORD OF THE RINGS extended versions, etc.), we're here for you. Remember that we also offer a pre-paid discount--you'll get 10 rentals for $40 (a $5 savings!) that will help you save money as you plow through your "To Watch" list. Look for our coupon in the CHINOOK BOOK that will save you even more money on rentals AND used DVDs. In the theatrical realm this weekend, Northwest Film Forum has the Slamdance Grand Jury Prize winning documentary STRONGMAN, a portrait of Stanley Pleskun, the "The Strongest Man in the World at Bending Steel and Metal" (which means he can bend horseshoes WITH HIS BARE HANDS). Directory Zachary Levy will be in attendance at the Friday & Saturday screenings. SIFF starts out the New Year with LES AFFAIRES de MONSIEUR HULOT, three nights of Jacques Tati's M. Hulot adventures. Friday night there's MON ONCLE, Saturday is PLAYTIME and Sunday there's TRAFIC--all charming classics worthy of seeing on the big screen. If you spend most of your time at Bumbershoot wandering around Flatstock, you'll want to catch the Seattle premiere of the indie rock music poster documentary DIED YOUNG, STAYED PRETTY at Grand Illusion Cinema. Director Eileen Yaghoobian talks to many of the artists and features posters by artists like Radiohead, The Melvins, Nick Cave and The Flaming Lips. Late Night at the GI there's THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, so bring a handful of rice and grab a copy of The Stranger on your way in for the rain scenes. In other interactive theatrical events, Central Cinema has the MADONNA SING-ALONG Friday night at 9:30pm, where you can dance (for inspiration!) and croon along with the pop diva (fingerless lace gloves, half shirts and chunky crucifix necklaces optional). Our neighbors over at the Seven Gables have the latest washed-up-country-singer-turns-his-life-around film CRAZY HEART starring Golden Globe nominee Jeff Bridges. The Globes are on Sunday, January 17th, so you may want to spend this weekend catching up with nominees like HEART, along with PRECIOUS, A SINGLE MAN, and UP IN THE AIR. We'll have THE HURT LOCKER, a strong contender this awards season, out on DVD this Tuesday. Happy viewing, everyone.