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The Best Medicine

Cold and flu season seems to have hit with a vengeance this year and, for me, nothing soothes the aches and pains of a fever quite like aspirin, my fuzziest blanket, and classic movies. Here are a couple of my favorite pain killers. What are yours? Born Yesterday (1950) Judy Holliday's portrayal of a daffy blonde on a self-improvement binge beat out both Bette Davis in All About Eve, and Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard to win the 1950 best actress Oscar. It's the perfect movie for those rainy afternoons when you can use a little cheering up. The Talk of the Town (1942) I love this film for quite a few reasons. To start with, it stars Cary Grant as an anarchist. Well, he's not actually an anarchist - but he is trying to organize a labor union, and we all know where THAT sort of thing leads. After the local factory burns down, hunted labor leader Leopold Dilg (Grant) hides out in the attic of the local school teacher (Jean Arthur). All is well until stuffy law professor (Ronald Coleman) comes to stay. The men clash over ideologies but come to respect each other in a film which is, like its stars is elegant and charming. What makes you feel better?