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New Releases for the new week of the new decade!

Happy New Year, everyone! Here are the first DVD releases of 2010. Remember, a * means it is also available on a shiny Blu-ray disc CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS * - The popular children's book inspired this goofy and clever animated adventure about inventor Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) and his handy machine that turns water into food. Scarecrowers who've seen it agree it's enjoyable for all ages. The film also features the voices of Anna Faris, Andy Samberg, James Caan, Bruce Campbell and Mr. T. THE FINAL DESTINATION * - Allegedly this is the absolute final film in the 'What twisted ways can we make people die?' franchise. The DVD comes with both the 2D and 3D versions. LORNA'S SILENCE - A new dramatic thriller from the Dardenne Brothers (L'Enfant) 50 DEAD MEN WALKING * - Inspired by the true story of Martin McGartland, a British agent who went undercover with the IRA, starring Jim Sturgess (who you may recognize from Across The Universe), Ben Kingsley and Rose McGowan. ADAM (2009) - A young man with Asperger's syndrome (Hugh Dancy) falls in love in his own unique way with the upstairs neighbor (Rose Byrne). BIG LOVE: SEASON 3 - Another season of this modern day polygamy tale starring Bill Paxton and Jeanne Tripplehorn, Ginnifer Goodwin and Chloe Sevigny as his wives. Here are some clips (beware of language and possible spoilers): NINJA (2009) - Kick some A%S there, Ninja! GOD'S LEFT HAND, DEVIL'S RIGHT HAND - There aren't English subs in the trailer for this new Japanese horror film, but it's still FREAKIN' SCARY. If you can stomach this, the DVD does have English subtitles. Good luck. THE DEAD (1987) - A few months ago, John Huston's version of the James Joyce story finally arrived on DVD but it was missing about 10 crucial minutes. Here it is again, now in its uncut form. For bonus points, see if you can spot Colm Meaney (Chief O'Brien from Star Trek). MIGHTY MOUSE: THE NEW ADVENTURES - The complete 1987-1988 Saturday morning cartoon series from Ralph Bakshi. SUPER FRIENDS: SEASON 1 VOLUME 1--Hurrah for AQUAMAN!!! NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Creepshow - George Romero & Stephen King team up for five tales of terror in this 1982 film. Dogtown & Z-Boys - All that awesome skateboarding action is now in high-definition! Green Berets - The 1968 Vietnam War film starring John Wayne. Riding Giants - What better way to combat the dark winter gloom with this documentary that follows surfers as they catch waves in sunny and warm places? FAMILY NEW RELEASES Barbie: Sing Along With Barbie Iron Man: Armored Adventures Volume 2 ANIME NEW RELEASES Ah My Buddha Vol. 6 Clannad After Story Collection 2 D. Gray-Man: Season 2 Part 2 NEW TV ON DVD Chuck: Season 2 - Until the day someone comes into Scarecrow and recruits us to do secret spy work, we'll just enjoy this show. One of the episodes is even in 3D! The Philanthropist: Complete Series - The short lived series about a billionaire & secret vigilante do-gooder (kinda like Bruce Wayne), starring James Purefoy, Neve Campbell and Jesse L. Martin NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Akiballion: Battlemaids of Akihabara - Japanese Sci-Fi Bathory (2008)(Code 3) - Slovakia Billu (2009) - India Dil Bole Hadippa! (2009) - India High Lane (2009)(Code 3) - France In The Electric Mist (Director's Cut) (PAL Code 2) - This is the US film starring Tommy Lee Jones that was released earlier this year, but this French import has the director's cut and plenty of extras. The commentary track with Bertrand Tavernier is only in French, but the rest of the extras, like an interview with Buddy Guy (who acts in the film) are in English. The Director's Cut has 15 extra minutes and was the version Tavernier debuted at the Berlin Film Festival. Laila's Birthday (2008) - Palestine Love Aaj Kal (2009) - India NEW DOCUMENTARIES, ART & MUSIC FILMS Margaret Atwood: Once in August - Director Michael Rubbo heads to Atwood's Canadian island retreat to learn about the elusive author and what shapes her writing. Between the Folds - A documentary about the history, science and art behind origami. Brava Italia - A three part series that immerses the viewer in modern Italy, narrated by Paul Sorvino and featuring an interview with Francis Ford Coppola. Civilian Conservation Corps - PBS' American Experience series takes a look at the history behind one of the New Deal's most popular and successful projects in which young people went to work caring for America's forests and parks. Frontline: Close to Home - 'Producer Ofra Bikel chronicles the recession's impact on one unlikely American neighborhood - New York's Upper East Side.' Frontline: Obama's War - 'In a war that has lasted eight years, what is the way forward now?' Frontline: The Warning - 'In the devastating aftermath of the economic meltdown, THE WARNING sifts through the ashes for clues about why it happened and examines critical moments when it might have gone much differently.' Mustang: Journey of Transformation - Richard Gere narrates this journey to Mustang, one of the last sanctuaries of Tibetan Buddhist culture. NOVA: Hubble's Amazing Rescue - A dramatic account of the precarious mission to repair the Hubble telescope. NOVA: Lizard Kings - 'NOVA follows expert lizard hunter Dr. Eric Pianka as he tracks elusive monitors through Australia's heartland, and cutting-edge lizard cam technology provides a lizard's-eye view for an unparalleled close encounter with these amazing living dragons. Pagan Metal: A Documentary - The cover of this look inside Europe's Black Metal scene says this is, 'The first documentary about Pagan Metal - the music wave that has conquered Europe. Will America be next?' \m/ ! AND MORE MOVIES Doctor Who: Story 005: Keys of Marinus - From 1964 with William Hartnell as the Doctor. Doctor Who, Story 137: Twin Dilemma - From 1984 with Colin Baker as the Doctor. Loren Cass (2009) - 'A starkly radical film debut of uncommon power and artistic principle, Chris Fuller's Loren Cass is a vivid tale of troubled youth that (makes even Larry Clark look tame by comparison - Variety). Utilizing a small cast of unknowns (including writer/director Fuller, under the name (Lewis Brogan), acutely detailed 16mm photography, and (extraordinary sound work - The New York Times) that mixes disembodied voices ranging from Charles Bukowski to French poet Robert Desnos with graphic news footage of the American Dream turned nightmare, Loren Cass conjures an authentic and menacing emotional landscape shared by three young people in contemporary suburban Florida.' The Ministers (2009) - 'Thirteen years after her father was slain and the only evidence left at the crime scene was a pamphlet for a Secret shrouded religious order known as The Ministers, a New York City homicide detective sets out to discover the truth behind her father s gruesome death, but unwittingly becomes involved with one of his killers.' Starring John Leguizamo and Harvey Keitel. Riot on 42nd Street - A sleazy theater owner goes head to head with the Mafia in this 1987 drama. Trucker (2008) - Roger Ebert named this indie drama starring Michelle Monaghan as a truck driver whose freewheeling lifestyle is veered off course when her 11 year old son arrives unexpectedly as one of the year's best films. You can read his list here while you shake your head about all the driving puns in that last sentence. If you're a citizen of the Whedonverse, you should know this film also stars Nathan Fillion. Your Cheatin' Heart - The 1964 Hank Williams biopic starring George Hamilton. Year of the Fish - This one is better seen than summarized: And lastly, we have our favorite new addition to our Shakespeare section, the 10th Anniversary Edition of 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, which includes never-before-seen casting footage, a new retrospective documentary and more. We miss you, Mr. Ledger There are also more new titles to be found in our NEW TO STORE section. Tune in next week when our New Releases will include such films as THE HURT LOCKER and MOON. Until then, happy new year and happy viewing to all. cloudywtihmeat