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Scarecrow Video + Viz at the Sakura-Con Anime conference

Scarecrow Video, Viz, Anime & Sakura-Con

Attention all anime fans! There's a lot for you do do this weekend in the Seattle area (March 24, 25, 26).

* (March 24, 25, 26) Scarecrow Video is sponsoring and attending Sakura-Con. This is an insanely large anime convention (read: thousands of people); if you're at all curious make sure to visit the Washington State Convention Center. You'll find our booth in the main exhibits area - come say hello!

* (March 25, 26 / 12PM) Scarecrow Video, Viz Media &The Grand Illusion present Weekend Family Matinees! Head over to the Grand Illusion Cinema in the University district on Saturday for Kamikaze Girls and Sunday for Naruto, One Piece &Hikaru No Go.

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* For those of you thinking that anime is all about hello kitty ... you've been missing out on all of the other aspects of it! It includes everything from Ghost in the Shell and Akira (the most requested titles over here) to the crazy series Elfen Lied. Yes, Miyazaki is anime - yes, Dragonball Z is anime. It's a general category encompassing a genre. When you hear the word 'animated' do you always think of Scooby Doo? We recommend checking out this event. Even if you just show up to see people's Cosplay outfits.