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What's new on DVD for the last week of the year

This is it, the absolute last batch of New Releases not only for 2009, but for the entire '00 decade! Remember, we'll be closing at 8pm on New Years' Eve and will open back up at 11am New Years' Day. What film will you watch to ring in 2010? Maybe it will be one of this week's New Releases (a * means it is also available on Blu-ray): PARANORMAL ACTIVITY* --It might be a little minimalistic in plot but it more than makes up for in scares GLEE: SEASON 1 VOLUME 1: ROAD TO SECTIONALS--I wish it had been socially acceptable to break out into song at my high school JENNIFER'S BODY* - Mamma Mia!'s Amanda Seyfried and Transformers' Megan Fox star in a smart, sassy & satanic slasher movie written by Diablo Cody. The DVD features both the rated and UNRATED versions for your viewing pleasure. No word yet on whether there's a sync up with Hole's Live Through This album ala The Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of the Moon A PERFECT GETAWAY* - A genuinely well-made and clever thriller set in the otherwise idyllic hiking trails of Hawaii, starring Milla Jovovich, Steve Zahn and Timothy Olyphant. 9 * - A surreal animated tale set in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by steampunk inspired creatures who will save the world, featuring the voices of Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, John C. Reilly and Crispin Glover. FACING ALI - Conversations with George Foreman, Joe Frazier and others who stepped into the ring with Muhammad Ali. DIAGNOSIS: DEATH - A comedy/horror hybrid from New Zealand, featuring Bret & Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. Warning: This trailer is mildly NSFW: UNITED STATES OF TARA: SEASON 1 - Toni Collette stars as a housewife with multiple personality disorder in this Showtime series created by Diablo Cody. TRAILER PARK BOYS: COUNTDOWN TO LIQUOR DAY - Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles get out of prison and return to a life of crime in this film spun off from the outstanding Canadian comedy TV show. THE MAXX & THE HEAD: COMPLETE SERIES - It what we hope is a series of DVDs paving the road to Daria, MTV releases these two classic animated shows. FOUND FOOTAGE FESTIVAL: VOLUME 4--Did you miss it at Central Cinema? Well, here ya go... And on that note, you can now experience the awesome glory of our own VIVA VHS! in the privacy of your own home! Warning: This video has a flash of breast in one bit... NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Assembly (2007) - China Cowboys (1971) Elephant Man - David Lynch! Lord of War Space Cowboys Tears of the Sun Trading Places - Looking GoodFeeling Good Edition Ultraviolet (2006) ANIME NEW RELEASES Baccano! - Complete Series Blassreiter: Part Two Case Closed: Captured in Her Eyes - Movie Dragonaut: The Resonance - Part Two Tsubasa: Season 2 FAMILY NEW RELEASES Anansi (Rabbit Ears) Brer Rabbit and Boss Lion (Rabbit Ears) Elephant's Child (Rabbit Ears) Emily of the New Moon: Season 2 (Avonlea) Fool and the Flying Ship (Rabbit Ears) Pecos Bill (Rabbit Ears) NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVES The Show of Shows (1929) - A vaudeville spectacular presented by Frank Fay. So Long Letty (1929) - Another early comedy/musical, starring Charlotte Greenwood. Strange Love of Molly Louvain (1932) - A pre-code crime story following the mixed-up life of an unwed mother, directed by Michael Curtiz. They Learned About Women (1930) - Two baseball players use the off season to perform on the vaudeville circuit. If only that happened in modern times NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Comfort Women (1992) - Hong Kong Fire Raisers (1934) (PAL Code 2) - An insurance investigator gets caught up with arsonists in this thriller directed by Michael Powell. Guardian Angels (1995) (PAL Code 2) - France Ross Kemp: On Gangs - Box Set (2009)(PAL) - UK A Man and His Dog (2008)(PAL Code 2) - France No Pockets in a Shroud (1975)(PAL Code 2) - France Son of Hitler (1978) - A comedic Nazi satire starring Peter Cushing and Bud Cort as Willi Hitler. To Take a Wife (2004) - Israel Vampire Killers (aka Lesbian Vampire Killers) (2009) - An Shaun of the Dead style film from the UK. Vidange (1998)(PAL Code 2) - France NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC & ART FILMS American Herro - A look at the life and career of Herro Mustafa, who's currently the Deputy Director on Afghanistan. Previous to that she was and advisor on Middle East issues, the Director for Israeli-Palestinian Affairs and Iran at the National Security Council. As Seen Through These Eyes - Maya Angelou narrates director Hilary Helstein exploration of the art created by Auschwitz survivors, including Josef Mengele's portrait artist. Eyes on the Skies - Celebrate the 400 year history of the telescope and what we've learned by looking through them in this comprehensive documentary. Ginevra's Story - Unlock the secrets of Leonardo da Vinici's first known portrait. Meryl Streep narrates the English version, while the Italian version is done by Isabella Rossellini. Gotterdammerung: Enemy at the Gates - An in-depth look at 'the twilight of Hitler's Reich.' Mine (2009) - A moving documentary about pet owners struggling to find their beloved creatures in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Weird World of Weird - A collection of wonderful weirdness from our friends at Something Weird. AND MORE MOVIES Be Mine - 'Sometimes the best cupids are your best friends... Mayson (Dan Selon) has been patiently waiting and dreaming of that ever elusive sweet and perfect first kiss. His best friend Robyn (Kendra Thomas) thinks it's about time he kissed a boy!...A sweet and engaging story of budding first love that finds a path even in the face of undying shyness.' Far North - Sam Shepherd wrote and directed this 1988 film about a woman (Jessica Lange) who returns to her hometown and the haunts she tried to leave behind. Fish in the Bathtub - The tagline of this 1999 film starring Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Mark Ruffalo and Jane Adams is 'The fish stays...the marriage goes! A comedy about long term relationships.' Devil's Music - A biopic of notorious UK shock-rocker Erika Spawn. The Group (1966) - Sidney Lumet's film begins in 1933 with a group of eight young women about to graduate college and follows their lives, loves and friendship through the years leading up to WWII, starring Joan Hackett and Candice Bergen. Half-Life - 'Writer-director Jennifer Phang s bold film combines live action with amazing animated flights of fancy to tell a powerful story. In a changing world, a precocious boy and his jaded sister react to their father's desertion and the powerful presence of their mother's charmingly manipulative boyfriend. Through imaginative powers, they escape their confining home-life, save their self-destructive mother, and finally, reinvent their world in a mind-bending conclusion.' Man Overboard (2009) - A used boat salesman gets more than he bargained for when he hires a huckster to drum up business in this indie comedy. No Right Turn (2009) - A modern, noir-inspired pulp thriller. Rich in Love - A slice-of-life drama from 1993 focused on the Odom family and their teenage daughter Lucille, starring Jill Clayburgh, Albert Finney, Kathryn Erbe, Kyle MacLachlan, Piper Laurie and Ethan Hawke. Spaceballs (Totally Warped Animated Adventures) - A new animated TV series based on Mel Brooks' film that also spoofs beloved popular culture franchises like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Trapeze (1956) - The Third Man director Carol Reed helms this story about a trapeze artist (Burt Lancaster!) injured in a dramatic triple somersault, the up and comer (Tony Curtis!) trying to replicate the stunt, and the girl (Gina Lollobrigida) trying to get in on the act. We at Scarecrow wish everyone a safe and wonderful New Year! glee