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New Releases for Christmas week!

It's almost Christmas!! If you're still in a last minute rush to get presents or your favorite holiday special, we refer you to the many gift suggestions here on the blog and to our appropriately themed rental sections. And now, here's the last batch of new releases to make it in under the gift-giving and/or holiday viewing wire: (A * means it is also available on Blu-ray) DISTRICT 9* - The funny and thought-provoking sci-fi asskicker from South African director Neil Blomkamp and producer Peter Jackson. (500) DAYS OF SUMMER * - Sure, you might roll your eyes at the thought of another cute-young-people-in-and-out-of-love movie that's lousy with pop culture bonding, but this one's well worth the watch. Let your cynical & optimistic sides duke it out as Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel do their best to win over you and each other. EXTRACT* - It doesn't deliver the overt laughs of Office Space or Idiocracy, but Mike Judge's latest film has all kinds of humor conveyed in his trademark disquieting fashion. Jason Bateman stars as a man who's in over his head dealing with both his demanding job running a factory that makes vanilla and other extracts, and his seemingly lifeless marriage to a perennially sweat pants clad wife (the awesome Kristen Wiig). The supporting cast are all great, including J.K. Simmons as the factory foreman, That 70's Show's Mila Kunis as a conniving temptress, and David Koechner who's annoying neighbor is every bit as memorable as Bill Lumbergh. IT MIGHT GET LOUD * - The Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White talk shop and jam in the new documentary by An Inconvenient Truth director David Guggenheim. FAMILY GUY: SOMETHING, SOMETHING, SOMETHING DARK SIDE * - Only on DVD! The gang returns to a galaxy far, far away ICHI: THE MOVIE * - A different take on the Zatoichi legend ALL ABOUT STEVE * - Also known as 'The movie Sandra Bullock was in this year for which she did NOT earn a Golden Globe nomination.' FLAME & CITRON - The gritty story of two hit men in the anti-Nazi Danish resistance. BELLAMY - A whodunit starring Gerard Depardieu from director Claude Chabrol MOTHERLAND - Six women mourning the death of a child travel to South Africa to volunteer with impoverished children. BLIND DATE - Stanley Tucci directs this remake of a 1996 Dutch film. He stars along with Patricia Clarkson BEYOND A RESONABLE DOUBT - A remake of Fritz Lang's crime thriller, featuring Michael Douglas. ANIME NEW RELEASES Spice and Wolf: Season 1 FAMILY NEW RELEASES Call of the Wild 3D (2 versions!) Hurray for Huckle! Very Best Busytown Friends Ever Hurray for Huckle! Zooming around Busytown - These are based on the books by Richard Scarry NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Black Shield of Falworth Closer (2004) New Blu-ray discs as part of the Mel Brooks Collection: High Anxiety History of the World: Part I Robin Hood: Men in Tights Silent Movie To Be or Not To Be Twelve Chairs NEW TV ON DVD As Time Goes By: Reunion Specials - More with the cast of the long running UK show starring Geoffrey Palmer and Judi Dench. Kyle XY: Season 3 (Final Season) Secret Live of the American Teenager: Volume 3 NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVES Boy With Green Hair (1948) - Stranger things are afoot when a young war orphan's (Dean Stockwell!) hair spontaneously turns green. Directed by Joseph Losey. Canterville Ghost (1944) - This version of Oscar Wilde's story stars Charles Laughton and is directed by Jules Dassin. Dondi (1961) - Another war orphan story, this one's based on the comic strip by Gus Edson and Irwin Hasen Easiest Way (1931) - A romantic drama starring Constance Bennett, Adolphe Menjou, and a young Clark Gable Enchanted Cottage (1945) - WWII romance between a maid and a scarred vet, starring Dorothy McGuire & Robert Young. The Gathering (1977) - Classic Christmas melodrama with Ed Asner and Maureen Stapleton. Includes The Gathering Part II. Golden Dawn (1930) - The first two keywords on the IMDb for this musical are 'Prisoner Exchange' and 'Human Sacrifice.' Doesn't that make you a bit curious? Happy Years (1950) - Dean Stockwell is as a young prep school student in this family film from director William Wellman. Hard, Fast and Beautiful (1951) - Ida Lupino directs this drama about a talented tennis star caught between love and fame. Hollywood Revue of 1929 - An all-star review of MGM players, featuring Norma Shearer, Jack Benny, Buster Keaton & many more. It's a Great Life (1929) - A musical featuring early talkie stars The Duncan Sisters. Journey for Margaret (1942) - A WWII heartstring tugger about a couple mourning the loss of their unborn child Next Voice You Hear(1950) - God is talking through the radio! Directed by William Wellman On With The Show! (1929) - Another early talkie musical featuring Joe E. Brown (of 'Well, nobody's perfect' fame). Rio Rita (1929) - A swashbuckling, bandit-catching musical from Mr. Ziegfeld. Sally (1929) - Another musical featuring Joe E. Brown, based on the play by P.G.Wodehouse. Show Girl in Hollywood (1930) - A 'there's no business like show business!' musical by director Mervyn LeRoy. Smart Woman (1948) - Romantic entanglements threaten courtroom proceedings in this classic drama. We'll ignore the tagline 'Smart about everythingexcept men!' Union Depot (1932) - Steamy Pre-code dramady starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Untamed Youth (1957) - Mamie Van Doren stars as one of the many rock n roll bad kids sent to work on a corrupt farmer's land. Woman on Pier 13 (1949) - A former Communist's past comes back to haunt him in this noir starring Robert Ryan. NEW FOREIGN FILMS & IMPORTS Kohlhiesel's Daughters (1962) - Germany Madame Du Barry (1954) - France Maid-Droid (2009) - Japanese sci-fi 24 City (2008) - China Victoria Day (2009) - Canada Year of the Jellyfish (1984) - France Clough (PAL Code 2) - British documentary about legendary soccer player Brian Clough. Days of Darkness (2007, 2 versions) - A civil servant uses his imagination to escape the bonds of boredom in this film by Canadian writer/director Denys Arcand. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008) Everything is Fine (2008) NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC & ART FILMS Beyonce: I AmYours - Intimate Performances at Wynn Las Vegas - Swoon! Castanets: Tendrils - Join folk rocker Ray Raposa for 'a meditative reflection on the mesmerizing motion of water, the beauty of natural light, and the spontaneity of friends.' Cemetery Special - A tour of various cemeteries across the country. Dr. Wayne Dyer: 10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace Entheo: Genesis/Spirits for Sale - The latest addition to our Psychotronic documentary section Michael Jackson: Ultimate Collection --Two "100% unauthorized" documentaries, an interactive quiz and a collectable book all celebrating the late King of Pop. Live at The Smell –Performances at the LA punk venue, featuring No Age, HEALTH and many more. Minilogue: Animals: The Movies - According to Wikipedia, 'Minilogue are a Swedish Progressive House/Tech-House/Minimal Techno music project of Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson. The name is a portmanteau of minimal (the musical style) and dialogue, which refers to music as a form of communication.' Primal Rap (Special Edition) - A documentary on West Coast rappers Swell Season: Live from the Artist's Den - The Swell Season are Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from the lovely film Once. Vacilander: Numero 1 - A videozine that covers 'the connection between Skate, Rock'nRoll, and Travel, covering rippers & rockers everywhere.' Vessels of War - A collection of eight DVDs from The History Channel, including four discs of the stunning Victory at Sea: 'From Nazi "wolf packs" to the battle of Okinawa, every major naval engagement of World War II is captured in Victory at Sea, a powerful documentary series culled from over 13,000 hours of footage shot by the U.S., British, German and Japanese navies. Originally broadcast in 1952, this landmark series showcases some of the most riveting combat footage ever shot, now digitally restored and remastered.' The set also includes four discs of Hero Ships, profiling the 'the battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines, and specialized ships that belong in the warship hall of fame,' including the USS Constitution, the USS Yorktown, and the USS Arizona. AND MORE MOVIES American Pie Presents: Book of Love - Someone should start making straight to video offshoots of Dead Poets Society. Art of Pain - 'A lazy painter learns that great art comes from pain as his life is ruined by a ninja.' Chasing Butterflies (2009) - A wedding comedy in which the mother of the bride somehow ends up marrying the groom (!?!) and then they go on a madcap race to find the bride. Checkout Girl - A short film about two grocery store patrons that have dreams about each other by local director Lisa Renee Wilson. Off The Ledge (2009) - This film's tagline is Sex, drugs & suicidal tendencies... HAPPY NEW YEAR! Staten Island (aka Little New York) - A straight to DVD drama following the ups & downs of life in the 'forgotten borough' starring Ethan Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio, Julianne Nicholson and Seymour Cassel. There's much more, including many more interesting finds in the New to the Store section and a surprisingly ample shipment of new Adult titles upstairs in the New to Room section. Remember, we'll be closing at 8pm on Christmas Eve and will be CLOSED on Christmas Day, so head in soon and check ‘em out. district9