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The Real Girl, minus Lars

With the acclaimed indie comedy Lars and the Real Girl playing at the Harvard Exit, it might be a good time to mention a very, uh, special movie we have in our collection. RealDoll: The Movie is an adult title advertising RealDolls, the actual high end sex-dummies that inspired Lars. RealDolls are highly detailed mannequins with posable PVC skeletons and silicone flesh. According to Wikipedia their prices range from $6,500 to $10,000. (You might as well spring for the top of the line, I guess. The $6,500 ones are so tacky.) The movie has a Mannequin style plot where a RealDoll comes to life, but also features Ron Jeremy and other professionals having, you know, relations with the doll. If you want to see a disturbing porno this is a great bet. The doll's lifeless face is creepier than your average killer doll movie. It's just not right. It is October though, so if you'd rather have a horror movie take on the subject matter, there's a 2003 movie called Love Object about a lonely man so obsessed with his RealDoll that when he has real, animate women in his life he tries to make them over to look like his doll. If sex dummy movies are too much for you, though, we can also recommend a few creepy mannequin movies for the Halloween season. You know, platonic mannequins. A lot of us here like 1979's Tourist Trap, which features scary mannequins designed by the late Bob Burns, art director of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Chuck Connors plays a crazy guy running a roadside museum where the mannequins seem to come to life. A lesser-known gem is Pin, a 1990 Canadian thriller about a brother and sister haunted by an anatomical dummy. When they were young their father (the great Terry O'Quinn from Lost and The Stepfather) used ventriloquism to make them think the dummy was teaching them lessons. After their father's death the brother starts to talk through the dummy himself and begins to believe that it's alive and telling him what to do. You know, I'm getting creeped out just writing about all these. On second thought, maybe just forget about dolls and rent Halloween or something. I'm sorry I brought this up. RealDoll: The Movie Episode 1 is available for rent in the Sexploitation section. Love Object and Pin are in the Stalkers section in the Psychotronic room. Tourist Trap is in our special Halloween section. Halloween is in John Carpenter. Mannequin is in comedy.