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This morning, The Hollywood Foreign Press announced the nominations for the GOLDEN GLOBES! You can read the full list of film & TV nods here. It's interesting to see the multiple multiple acting nominees: Matt Damon (for INVICTUS and THE INFORMANT!), Anna Paquin (for TRUE BLOOD and the made for TV movie THE COURAGEOUS HEART OF IRENA SENDLER), Sandra Bullock (for THE BLIND SIDE and THE PROPOSAL) and of course Meryl Streep for IT'S COMPLICATED and JULIE & JULIA. I'm going to reserve full weighing of judgment until I see AVATAR and PRECIOUS. In the meantime, I'm rooting for THE HURT LOCKER in the Drama category, and though NINE will certainly take the Comedy/Musical Best Picture (music always trumps humor at the Globes, see EVITA's win over FARGO and CHICAGO's win over ADAPTATION), wouldn't it be SWEET if THE HANGOVER won? A girl can dream, anyway. We'll share more of our thoughts on awards season in the weeks leading up to the Globes big night on Sunday, January 17th. Stay tuned.