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VIVA VHS returns this weekend at Central Cinema!

Join us at Central Cinema on Friday, December 18th and Saturday, December 19th to once again celebrate the bygone days when VHS was king and explore the cinematic oddities that can only be found on 1/2" videotape. We've delved back into our archives to unearth more forgotten gems and mind-blowing revelations of magnetic mayhem for this special rewound and recut salute to the now neglected medium. Join us in paying tribute to the shining memory of mom and pop video stores and the vanishing magic of home videocassettes. We'll be running a remixed & shorter version of the original hit show with lots of new material and a special holiday reel! There will be the usual contests and corresponding fabulous prizes, plus the fine food, beer & wine selections at the Central Cinema. Come raise a glass to the last remaining veterans of video! LONG LIVE VHS! Here's a taste of what's to come this weekend--This clip is rated NSFW for a brief flash of naked flesh: This charming preview is suitable for all VHS-loving audiences: The shows starts at 9:30pm and tickets are $8. For more information visit the Central Cinema website. VIVA-VHS-2-poster