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Monthly Spotlight: Flamethrower Feminism

One of the many cool things about working at Scarecrow is that every month or so one of us gets to choose the films for the Scarecrow Spotlight section. This section is located conveniently next to where you line up and is marked by a lovely black and yellow sign which was lovingly handcrafted by specially trained artisans. This month the spotlight section is all about tough, violent, and bad-ass women. From Alias to Xena I've done my best to bring together all of my favorite femme fatales. If you're excited to see Jodie Foster opening a can of whup-ass in The Brave One, then you can stop by Scarecrow and get your history on by checking out some of the great female vigilantes of the past. I chose to spotlight tough women because I am a horror movie fan. If you are a female horror movie fan you have to put up with all sorts of crap. I've seen women butchered, maimed, sacrificed to the elder gods, hung on hooks, and subjected to just about every torture you can imagine (and a few you might never have thought up). Given the countless images of screaming, tormented women that I've seen over the years it is no wonder that whenever one of them steals a tank or or blows and alien out of an airlock I cheer for her. For me, the essence of feminism is not just about having the right to go to medical school instead of staying home and minding the babies -it is also about a woman getting so fed up that she grabs a flamethrower and sets fire to something that was most definitely NOT her bra. (Although it does occur to me that many of these ferocious female freedom fighters don't wear much in the way of support garments - perhaps they did burn them). I never needed the kind of role model who lectures at colleges or spends her evenings inventing Ms. Magazine. My role models were too busy busting up pimps, delivering kung-fu chops and burning down Shelly Winters' opium fields to have sensitive talks about gender roles and politics. So, if you are looking for an antidote to movies in which the women are little more than passive victims for the usual assortment of faceless killers - the Flamethrower Feminism spotlight is a good place to start.