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In honor of the Emmys: another TV on DVD survey

On Sunday, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presents the 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. The Emmys are only my fourth favorite awards show (after the Oscars, the Golden Globes and the Tonys), but I love TV just as much as I love movies and its big night deserves some attention. So in honor of the upcoming accolades, I conducted an informal poll of our staff to see what TV shows on DVD are our current favorites.

Here's a summary of the results:

--The Wire is the most revered of any show on TV amongst the staff - and of course I'm one of the very few here who hasn't watched it. Perhaps some of you would like to get on here and explain to us unenlightened folk why The Wire is so amazing

--We are crazy about the big cable shows: Deadwood, The Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Oz, Weeds and Carnivale.

--Basic cable also gets some attention with shows like Harvey Birdman, The Venture Brothers, Sealab 2021, Wonder Showzen, Reno 911, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force (though a lot of us don't really get that last one).

--A small but enthusiastic group of us revel in shows from our youth like The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Ducktales, The Muppet Show and He-Man (but not She-Ra, she's kinda lame).

--Our Anglophile tendencies prevail with love for Da Ali G Show, I'm Alan Partridge, Brass Eye, Dr. Who, Prime Suspect, Ultraviolet and the deserving of all the praise they get The Office, Garth Marenghi's Dark Place and Spaced (those last two shows still unfortunately only available on PAL DVD).

--We also have a slight sci-fi streak with the all the Star Trek stuff, including the original animated series (which everyone should watch, it's actually really good), The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, Stargate (ok, only one person voted for it, but he says, 'Fuck you, it's good in a bad way.') and the craze-inducing new version of Battlestar Galactica.

--Shows taken from us too soon that live on over and over in our DVD players include Sports Night, the cherished Judd Apatow pair of Undeclared and Freaks and Geeks, and the pure genius of Arrested Development.

--TV shows from the past we enjoy include The Jack Benny Show, The Andy Griffith Show, Kojak, MASH, The Kids in the Hall, Twin Peaks (the whole show and the pilot will be available in a special 'definitive Gold Box Edition' on October 30th), Mr. Show, The West Wing (particularly Seasons 1-4), NewsRadio, The Streets of San Francisco, and the lizardriffic V.

--Currently airing favorites include The (US) Office, Ugly Betty, My Name is Earl, and the heavily addictive 30 Rock and Lost (so many folks call off the night Lost is on that it can be difficult to make a schedule).

--A special shout out goes to the TV Carnage DVDs, which consist of random clips taped off said TV and edited together for humorous effect. You'll find three compilations for rent in our Comedy TV section.

Judging by the results, if we were to make a Scarecrow Video TV on DVD Hall of Fame, these would be the inaugural inductees:

On to this year's Emmys (read the full list of nominees here) - Now that The West Wing is off the air I don't really care who wins Outstanding Drama Series, but my heart is torn between 30 Rock and The Office for Outstanding Comedy Series. Do I throw my support behind the ballad of Jim and Pam or Jack Donaghy's POS-MENS? Same thing goes for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program. Steve Carell vs. Alec Baldwin? Jon Stewart vs. Stephen Colbert? I'm going to have to flip a coin or something. Luckily I don't have such problems in the Outstanding Comedy Actress and Supporting Actress categories so I can unabashedly root for Ms. Tina Fey and Ms. Jenna Fischer.

My heart is also torn in the Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series category: 30 Rock and The Office each have two episodes nominated. It's 30 Rock's 'Tracy Does Conan' ('Let's not do this, Elizabeth') and 'Jack-Tor' against The Office's 'Gay Witch Hunt' and 'The Negotiation' They are up against the Daniel Radcliffe episode of Extras.

Ryan Seacrest is hosting this year's awards (here's hoping they don't let him talk too much or I might break my TV before Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert present the Best Actor in a Comedy Series award). The big show happens Sunday the 16th at 8pm on FOX (it's not live for those of us on the West Coast, so stay off the Internet if you don't want spoilers).

Stay tuned to the Scarecrow Blog for Emmy after thoughts and an updated list of shows we wish were on DVD. In the meantime, please post back here and let us know what you think about TV on DVD, the Emmys or anything else, really.