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Brrr!!! When did it all of a sudden get COLD? It's time to stop by the store to stock up on movies to watch at home while you're curled up under a warm blanket with a warm beverage. While you're here, be sure to check out our excellent sales area with everything you'll need for the film lovers in your life (and if we don't have it, we can order it). Our fine Scarecrow T-shirts, the Scarecrow Movie Guide, and a good old Gift Certificate (available in any amount) also make excellent gifts. If you're up to braving the elements for a theatrical experience, there are many great films to choose from. Northwest Film Forum has master documentarian Frederick Wiseman's latest work LA DANSE: LE BALLET DE L'OPERA DE PARIS, a fly-on-the-wall look inside the Paris Opera Ballet. There will be several local dance-involved folks introducing each screening as well. If you like Wiseman's work, visit his section here in our Documentary Director's area. It includes his two most famous films, HIGH SCHOOL and TITICUT FOLLIES, his 1995 film BALLET that went inside the American Ballet Theatre, plus many more. We also have many of his films for sale; check with us at the store for availability.  SIFF Cinema has Akira Kurosawa's RASHOMON, presented by foreign film expert James Selvidge. If you or anyone you know is a Kurosawa fan (and who isn't, really?) you should know about Criterion's new 25 film Kurosawa collection that will be out on December 8th. For the details and to order a set, click here. Central Cinema is screening the Director's Cut of Terry Gilliam's BRAZIL, and on Monday will kick off their ALMOST HUMAN: MADONNA ON FILM series with SHANGHAI SURPRISE with insightful commentary by Mr. David Schmader. Our neighbors over at Grand Illusion Cinema are showing 1967's pop star vs. government film PRIVILEGE, the first dramatic feature by Peter Watkins, who previously made several acclaimed documentaries such as THE WAR GAME and CULLODEN (visit his section in our Director's area for more). In the Late Night spot there's the not-on-video TEENAGE MOTHER, a 1967 movie designed to scare us all into a life of chastity. If you're into these types of hilarious "educational" films, we suggest you try HOW TO BE A MAN and HOW TO BE A WOMAN, two new compilations of short films from the 40s-70s, currently in our New Release section. Just a stone's throw away from us at Seven Gables is Sebastian Silva's Sundance hit THE MAID. There's also the National Board of Review's winner for Best Film of the Year, UP IN THE AIR, co-written & directed by JUNO's Jason Reitman and starring George Clooney. Why not make it a Clooney weekend and see it and FANTATIC MR. FOX? No matter what you watch, we hope you stay warm and enjoy.