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One of my favorite comedies has finally made its way to DVD

In 1980, a little movie called Airplane!  wowed audiences with its brilliant send-up of the films Zero Hour and Airport 1975. Eager to jump onto the parody bandwagon and facing a lull in future releases do the 1980 SAG strike, Paramount rushes a comedy/horror scab film into production. High Line was filmed in Texas (where 'right to work' laws superseded some union rules) by the director of The Bad News Bears and Prime Cut. Before its release the director would take his name off the film, the name High Line would be changed to Student Bodies and a cult film will have been born. Student Bodies failed miserably in theaters, and its not hard to see why. The cast is full of unknowns, the crew had little or no experience and the production is adequate at best. However, this miserable performance at the box office made it a cheap purchase for cables stations. And it was here, late at night, that Student Bodies would become legend. Every person I have ever talked to that has seen Student Bodies, has seen it the same way: Late at night, on HBO, during a sleepover with a bunch of friends, by accident. No one ever set out to watch it, it just happened. And I think this is partly the reason it is beloved by so many. I'll say it. I love this movie. What you have is Scary Movie, if Scary Movie were actually funny. Student Bodies is a hilarious horror parody film that is crude, puerile, abstract, stupid, and silly. Did I mention, stupid? The plot is standard. Someone is killing all the sexually active teens of a local high school and its up to the prudes to figure it all out. You have an on screen counter for number of kills, a killer who routinely addresses the audience, the strangest janitor in filmdom, the most ridiculous product placement, and a crazy tripped out ending (the weakest part of the film). Student Bodies is one of the most quotable and least quoted films: The principal addresses the students over the intercom, "Hasn't there been enough senseless killing? Let's have a murder that makes sense!"; "Even the dead love a parade" and "Nurse Krud and Ms. Van Dyke; what's in a name? Everything!" The movies opens with a farting dog! Pure comic gold. If you like Naked Gun, or Airplane!, or Kentucky Fried is worth checking out. And you will never look at horse head bookends the same way again.