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Give thanks for November 24th's New Releases

As we begin our descent into the holiday season, we remind you that we'll be open 11am-9pm on Thanksgiving so you can get all the fixings for your cinematic feast. And now, here's a list of this week's New Releases (the * means it's also available on Blu-ray): FUNNY PEOPLE* - Judd Apatow gathers Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, Eric Bana, Jonah Hill, Jason Schwartzman, The RZA, Aziz Ansari and Aubrey Plaza (BTW, you really should be watching Parks & Recreation this season) for his usual brand of hilarity. ANGELS & DEMONS* - The Da Vinci Code gravy train chugs along with this prequel starring Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor. GOMORRAH* - The true-crime stories of Naples' mafia underground, now on Criterion KOBE DOIN' WORK (MVP LIMITED EDITION) - See Kobe Bryant on the court as shot by Spike Lee. FOUR CHRISTMASES* - This Reese Witherspoon/Vince Vaughn vehicle arrives just in time for us to start planning our own family holiday rounds. BRONSON - A favorite at this year's SIFF from director Pusher director Nicolas Winding Refn (who once spent a good half hour pouring through our Psychotronic room). This clip wins the award for Best Use of a Pet Shop Boys Song in a Movie Trailer. WHOLPHIN NO. 9 - The latest issue of McSweeney's DVD division includes recent SNL host Joseph Gordon-Levitt's adaptation of the Elmore Leonard story 'Sparks,' starring Carla Gugino and Eric Stoltz, three new Spike Jonze shorts, and much more. SHORTS* - Robert Rodriguez's latest family friendly film. The DVD includes signature Rodriguez extras such as '10 Minute Film School' and '10 Minute Cooking School,' in which their family shows you how to make Chocolate Chip Volcano Cookies. BANLIEUE 13/BANLIEUE 13: ULTIMATUM - Two excellent examples of parkour, together in one DVD set. THE GOLDEN AGE OF TELEVISION - The Criterion Collection presents eight highly acclaimed, star-studded teleplays from the 1950s: Marty (starring Rod Steiger), Patterns (written by Rod Serling, starring Everett Sloane), No Time For Sergeants (starring Andy Griffith in his first TV appearance), A Wind From The South (starring Julie Harris), Requiem for a Heavyweight (another Rod Serling story, starring Jack Palance), Bang The Drum Slowly (a baseball movie starring Paul Newman), The Comedian (directed by John Frankenheimer, starring Mickey Rooney), and Days of Wine and Roses (also directed by Frankenheimer, starring Piper Laurie and Cliff Robertson). We recommend you read this excellent essay by Ron Simon in the Criterion site about the collection and this particular era of television. ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS: SEASON 4 - Thirty-six suspenseful episodes with awesome guest stars such as Walter Matthau, Cloris Leachman, Roger Moore, Leslie Nielsen and many other recognizable faces. NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Angel Heart Blood: The Last Vampire (2000) Cujo (25th Anniversary Edition) Ghost in the Shell 2.0 Monster Squad (20th Anniversary Edition) My Bloody Valentine (1981)(Special Edition) Sopranos: Season 1 NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVE Call It A Day (1937) - Comedy based on the Dodie Smith play, starring Olivia de Havilland Flight of Dragons (1982) - Animated adventure by Rankin & Bass, with voices of James Earl Jones & John Ritter Man With Two Faces (1934) - Edward G. Robinson & Mary Astor star in this crime drama based on the play by George S. Kaufman and Alexander Woolcott. Manpower (1941) Another crime drama with Edward G. Robinson, this one co-stars Marlene Dietrich and was directed by Raoul Walsh. Out Of The Fog (1941) - John Garfield, Ida Lupino and Eddie Albert star in this adaptation of Irwin Shaw's play Tiger Shark (1932) - This time, Edward G. Robinson's in a romantic drama, directed by Howard Hawks Two Seconds (1932) - Yet another Edward G. Robinson crime drama. Winter Kill (1974) - A made for TV thriller starring Andy Griffith FAMILY NEW RELEASES: HOLIDAY EDITION - These can all be found in the happy orange island of shelves that is the Family New Release section. Look for our big Kids' Holiday special rental section coming soon. Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales Christmas Dinosaur Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas Dora The Explorer: Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure Fraggle Rock: A Merry Fraggle Holiday George Shrinks: Snowman's Land Go, Diego, Go: Diego's Arctic Rescue Gotta Catch Santa Claus! Night Before Christmasand more Classic Holiday Tales - From the Scholastic Storybook Treasures series Night Before Christmas: A Mouse Tale Pippi Longstocking: Pippi's Christmas Santa Apprentice Santa Buddies: Legend of Santa Paws - With George Wendt as Santa! Timothy Goes To School: The Gift Twelve Days of Christmasand other Holiday Favorites--Also from Scholastic ANIME NEW RELEASES Bamboo Blade: Part 1 Ikki Tousen Vol. 1 Nabari: Complete Series Part 2 Nana (Uncut) Box Set 2 Naruto Shippuden Vol. 3 Sgt. Frog: Season 1 Part 2 Tears To Tiara: Collection 1 NEW TV ON DVD Beverly Hills 90120: Season 8 Coogan's Run (Steve Coogan Collection) Craft In America: Season 2 Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible (Steve Coogan Collection) I'm Alan Partridge: Series 2 (Steve Coogan Collection) Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 4 Lotus Lantern - A Chinese TV series based on the famous Chinese folk tale. Melrose Place: Season 5 Vol. 2 Mondovino: The Series Paul and Pauline Calf's Cheese and Ham Sandwich Paul and Pauline Calf's Video Diaries Tony Ferrino Phenomenon (Steve Coogan Collection) Trial & Retribution: Set 3 Vol. 3 NEW FOREIGN FILMS & IMPORTS Betty Blue (Director's Cut) - Jean-Jacques Beineix's cult classic is finally back in print. Cairo Station (1958) - From Egyptian director Yousef Chahine. Delightful Forest (1972) - Shaw Brothers martial arts action from director Cheh Chang Devilman (2004)(Special Edition) - Live action version of the manga series Ghosts (2005) - Germany Grotesque (2008) - The Unrated Director's Cut of this Korean horror film Heroes Shed No Tears (1978) - More Shaw Brothers action from director Yuen Chor Island Etude (2007) - Taiwan Mad Dog Morgan (1976) - An Ozploitation classic starring Dennis Hopper, in an Uncut Special Edition DVD Mighty Boosh: Future Sailors Tour (PAL Code 2) - The British comedy team takes their show on the road Monocled Mutineer (1986)(PAL Code 2) - WWI drama from the UK Moon Child (1989) - Spain Rashevski's Tango (2003) - Belgium The Rebirth (2007) - Japan Sacred Heart (2005)(PAL Code 2) - Italy Soul Power (1974)(PAL Code 2) The official product description: 'Presented in conjunction with the landmark 'Rumble in the Jungle' boxing match between Ali and Foreman, Zaire '74 was a three-day music festival in Kinshasa organised by South African musician Hugh Masekela and American record producer Stewart Levine, and featuring performances by such famed musicians as James Brown, Bill Withers, and B.B. King, among others. Many of the American musicians performing at Zaire '74 had been emboldened by the American Civil Rights movement, and saw their journey to Africa as a unique opportunity not just to perform for a new set of enthusiastic fans, but to explore their roots as well. Consequently, SOUL POWER is not simply a concert film featuring some of the most popular African and American musicians of the era, but also a pure intimate glimpse into a time when the musical crossover between the two nations was just beginning to emerge.' Superstar (2009) - New from Iranian director Tahmineh Milani Three Monkeys (2008) - Turkey Toi & Moi (2005) - France Tokyo 10 + 1 (2003) - Japanese film involving criminals in a high stakes competition Tora-San Collection - Includes Our Lovable Tramp, Tora-San's Cherished Mother, Tora-San, His Tender Love and Tora-San's Grand Scheme We have it for sale here. Troubled Water (2009) - Norway Turning Point (2009) - Hong Kong Zatoichi 14: Zatoichi's Pilgrimage –Japan Moon (2009)(PAL Code 2) - One of the best films of the year is already out on DVD in the UK and here on our shelves NEW DOCUMENTARIES & MUSIC Day In The Lyfe: The Movie - 'It's non-stop illicit graff action like you've never seen before.' Elementary My Dear Watson - Sherlock Holmes' sidekick gets his own documentary Entfuhrung Aus Dem Serail (1989) - An opera Face is Familiar - A look at Hollywood's most talented and recognizable character actors Hammer Films: Fanex Files - Explore the Hammer Film Studios through 20 years of fan convention archives Holes In My Shoes - The moving life story of strongman Jack Beers Lil Wayne: The Carter Getatchew Mekurya & The Ex - World music with the Ethiopian saxophone player & the Dutch punk band Moonshot - History Channel documentary on the Apollo 11 mission Mother Teresa (1986) - Narrated by Richard Attenborough Pure F*cking Mayhem - It seems wrong to follow a documentary about Mother Teresa with heavy metal Rosenkavalier (2009)(Fleming) - Another opera Rush: Working Men Russia's War: Blood Upon The Snow - An in-depth look at life under Stalin Woodstock Diary 1969 - Doc. by D.A. Pennebaker AND MORE MOVIES American Virgin (2009) - IMDb plot description: 'A night of debauchery threatens a sexually abstinent student's college standing.' David & Layla - A Jewish man and a Muslim woman fall in love in New York City. Far Cry - UWE BOLL alert! The Indian (2007) - An old motorcycle brings a family together, starring Kyle XY's Matt Dallas Last Run (2001) - Action/crime/thriller with Armand Assante Maiden Heist (2009) - Caperiffic comedy with Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, William H. Macy, & Marcia Gay Harden. Make The Yuletide Gay - A young man heads home and back into the closet for the holidays Meat Weed America - What more is there, really? Russ Meyer: Abudant Beginnings - Four films from the master of sexploitation: Immoral Mr. Teas, Europe In The Raw, Eve and the Handyman and Wild Gals of the Naked West Moonlight & Mistletoe - Hallmark Channel movie starring Candace Cameron Bure and Tom Arnold. New Year Parade - A family divorce drama Reborn –A honeymooning couple meet a deranged serial killer in the Sonoran Desert Silent Scream (1980) - A classic stalker tale involving co-ed roomies in a boarding house, starring Yvonne De Carlo and Barbara Steele. Singing Nun (1966) - Whoo! The classic Debbie Reynolds musical is finally available! Also starring Greer Garson, Agenes Moorehead and Ricardo Montalban. Snow/Snow 2: Brain Freeze - I thought these were holiday stalker films, but really they're nice family comedies starring Ed's Tom Cavanaugh. Valley of the Heart's Delight - Pete Postlethwaite stars in this drama about a real-life kidnapping Yule A Go-Go - Not sure what this is about, but it will be in our Strippers & Stripping section if that gives you an idea Look for our big Holiday Staff Picks rental & sales sections coming soon! funnypeople