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What's New for Stardate 11.17.09

If you're one of those Star Trek fans who knows today's actual Stardate, email us here at and let us know and we'll change it. And now, a list of the this week's many New Releases: STAR TREK - J.J. Abrams reinvents the franchise with this highly enjoyable film peppered with enough nerd insider references to satisfy the hardcore fans and enough action to reel in the skeptics. Well done, sir. We've got it for sale here. HUMPDAY & MY EFFORTLESS BRILLIANCE - Our local section just got a whole lot cooler with not one, but TWO DVDs from local filmmaker Lynn Shelton! We highly recommend both of these interesting and entertaining studies of friendship. We've got them on sale here as well, and if you buy both together we'll take $4 OFF the price. HUMPDAY: MY EFFORTLESS BRILLIANCE: BRUNO--Also available on Blu-ray for a higher definition appreciation of Sacha Baron Cohen's cheekbones MARGARET CHO: BEAUTIFUL--The comedian gets less political and more raunchy with her latest stand-up film, and the results made me spit ginger tea all over the room (in a good way). MY SISTER'S KEEPER--Keep the tissues handy... THE LIMITS OF CONTROL--Jim Jarmusch's latest film follows a mysterious assassin on a mysterious mission around Spain. THIRST (2009)--A new thriller from Oldboy director Chan Wook-Park. A botched medical experiment turns a priest into a vampire and tests his vows of chastity. ANDY BARKER, P.I.: COMPLETE SERIES--Our favorite of the Andy Richter sitcoms. In this one, Andy's an accountant who rents an office above a video store (run by Arrested Development's Tony Hale) that was once a detective's office. Someone mistakes him for a P.I., but he takes the case and winds up getting himself into all kinds of absurd situations (the show features writers who went on to How I Met Your Mother and Psych along with Mr. Conan O'Brien, if that's any indication of the level of absurdity present in each episode). We're looking forward to the commentary tracks. THE EXILES--The 1961 documentary finally arrives on a home video format, with commentary by local film critic Sean Axmaker and author Sherman Alexie. PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL--A powerful documentary about the women of Liberia protesting for peace. 35 SHOTS OF RUM--If you just missed its run at Northwest Film Forum, Claire Denis' latest film is now on DVD. DOWNHILL RACER--The latest addition to the Criterion Collection: "Astonishing Alpine location photography and a young Robert Redford in one of his earliest starring roles are just two of the visual splendors of Michael Ritchie's visceral debut feature, Downhill Racer. In a beautifully understated performance, Redford is David Chappellet, a ruthlessly ambitious skier competing for Olympic gold with an underdog American team in Europe, and Gene Hackman provides tough support as the coach who tries to temper the upstart's narcissistic drive for glory. With a subtle screenplay by acclaimed novelist James Salter, Downhill Racer is a vivid character portrait buoyed by breathtakingly fast and furious imagery that brings the viewer directly into the mind of the competitor." BOYS OVER FLOWERS VOL. 1 --Read all about the new Korean TV drama here, then check it out for sale here. We're also giving away a FREE DVD sampler with any purchase of any Korean drama--check the store for details. IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIAA VERY SUNNY CHRISTMAS--The gang at Paddy's resolve to overcome their usual selfish, egotistical and backstabbing ways for the holidays. We'll see how well that goes... GONE WITH THE WIND: 70TH ANNIVERSARY ULTIMATE EDITION--I've heard people compare Ashley Wilkes and Rhett Butler to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Keep that comparison in mind as you enjoy the over eight hours of bonus features, including a new documentary about 1939, arguably one of the best years in film, narrated by Kenneth Branagh. There's also an 52 page hardcover book, ten 5'x7' frameable Watercolor Reproduction Art Prints, a soundtrack sampler and a reproduction of the original program, all encased in a fancy velvet box. It's on Blu-ray as well, or in a plain old regular DVD. BLOOD ON THE FLAT TRACK--HURRAY!!! We finally have the RAT CITY ROLLER GIRLS documentary!!! ANIME NEW RELEASES Blue Drop: Complete Collection Genshiken 2 Vol. 2: Dress for Success Hayate The Combat Butler Vol. 1 Little Snow Fairy Sugar Collection Polyphonica: Complete Collection FAMILY NEW RELEASES Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1985)(Animated) Egon & Donci Smurfs Vol. 3: World of Wonders Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 5 NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Animation Express Chasing Amy Clerks: 15th Anniversary Edition Fight Club: 10th Anniversary Edition Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Rolling Stones: Live at the Max Rome: Seasons 1 & 2 NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVE Read about this collection here Genesis II (1973) Gilda Live (1980) - Gilda Rader's one-woman Broadway show, directed by Mike Nichols. Holiday In Mexico (1946) I Dood It (1943) - Directed by Vincente Minnelli Made In Heaven (1987) - Features the R.E.M. song 'Romance' that's on Eponymous & the new live album Mail Order Bride (1964) Planet Earth (1974) See You In The Morning (1989) Slither (1973) Small Town Girl (1953) - Busby Berkeley! So Fine (1981) Tarzan and the Lost Safari (1957) Tarzan and the Trappers 1958) Tarzan The Magnificent (1960) Tarzan's Fight for Life (1958) Tarzan's Greatest Adventure (1959) Tarzan's Hidden Jungle (1955) Tugboat Annie (1933)--Read about Tugboat Annie here. Under The Rainbow (1981)--Here's what Wikipedia has to say about this comedy starring Chevy Chase and Carrie Fisher: "The plot is loosely based on the gathering of little people in a Hollywood hotel, to audition for roles as Munchkins in the movie The Wizard of Oz. The movie also has nobility, assassins, spies, and tourists." NEW FOREIGN FILMS & IMPORTS The Band (2009) - A sex, drugs and rock and roll story from Australia Belle Personne (2008) - France Alan Bennett: At The BBC (PAL Code 2) - A collection of the British authors TV work from the 70s on. Bloody Beach (2001) - Korean horror Chaos and Desire (2002) - A French-Canadian mystery involving the tides. Dead Snow - The British Nazi zombie dark comedy. Also on Blu-ray. Elijah (2007) - A Canadian TV movie about a man's fight to stop the Meech Lake Accord Frank Riva (2003) - France Girl Seeks Girl (2009) - Spain Gu Gu The Cat (2008) - Japan Heaven's Door (2009) - Japan How To Be (2008) - British comedy starring Twilight's Robert Pattinson as a brooding musician Is Anybody There? (2008) - British dramedy starring Michael Caine as a retired magician and Bill Milner (the young man from Son of Rambow as the son of the folks who own the retirement home. Luxury Car (2006) - China Memory Of The Youth: Shonen Merikensack (2008) - Japan Robo Rock (2007) - Japan Samurai Princess (2009) - Japanese horror Shrill Cries of Summer (2008) - Japanese horror Small World of Sammy Lee (1963)(PAL Code 2) - British film about a shifty strip club owner. Sparrows Can't Sing (1963)(PAL Code 2) - British comedy about a sailor who returns from sea and can't find his wife, based on the Stephen Lewis play. Star Wreck (Imperial Edition)(2005) - Finland Summer Hours (2008) - France Vampire Party (2008) - France Viper In The Fist (2004) - French drama from director Philippe De Broca Who Is KK Downey? (2008) - Canada Yellow Balloon (1953)(PAL Code 2) - British post-WWII drama Zen (2009) - Japan NEW DOCUMENTARIES, ART & MUSIC All About Prints - An art-oriented documentary Amazon Trek: In Search of Vanishing Secrets Bringing Balanchine Back Damon & Naomi: 1001 Nights Empire of the Eye: Magic of Illusion End of the Line (2009) - A documentary that warns about the dangers of overfishing Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die--I hope the DVD doesn't give all of them away... Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution Full Metal Village --Doc. profiles a small German town that hosts one of Europe's largest metal festivals. Further On! True Facts about the Smithsonian Caper Hi-8: Short Documentaries of Courtney Fathom Sell His Highness Hollywood Hulk Hogan: Unleashed Hollywood Wives: The Next Generation - Drama based on a Jackie Collins novel, starring Robin Givens, Melissa Gilbert and Farrah Fawcett in her last role. Ice People Intrepid Descent Ken Kesey: Timeroom Kings of Leon: Live at the 02 London Little Tricker The Squirrel Meets Big Double The Bear Lucia Di Lammermoor (2009) - Metropolitan Opera Lyrics Issue #7: The Roots - Reggae Sea Lion: The Story of the Sea Cliff People Kim Smith: Squatting The Palace Water Life Vol. 1: A World of Water Water Life Vol. 2: Soup of Life Water Life Vol. 3: Jungle Water Water Life Vol. 4: Extreme Water Water Life Vol. 5: The Big Blue Water Life Vol. 6: Water's Pulse Wink and a Smile: The Art of Burlesque Wisdom of Faith: Christianity & Judaism Wisdom of Faith: Confucianism Wisdom of Faith: Hinduism & Buddhism Wisdom of Faith: Islam Wisdom of Faith: Personal Philosophy MORE MOVIES & TV ON DVD & STAND-UP& EXPERIMENTAL FILMS Among The Living (1941) Avant-Garde: Experimental Cinema Vol. 3 - Two discs full of films from 1922-1954 Black Soul Dynamite - A collection of 10 blaxploitation films Dane Cook: Isolated Night Darwin's Darkest Hour - A TV movie about Darwin's struggle to publish his historic work. Deadlands 2: Trapped Death In Charge - A short film collection Evergreen (2004 Face Behind the Mask (1941) Franklyn (2008) - Sci-fi Greek: Chapter 3 Hanger Henry May Long L.A. Without a Map Alfred Leslie: Cool Man in a Golden Age--A collection of his experimental films My One and Only Novem Prisoner (2007) Seal Team Skills Like This Taintlight Train (2008) Twister: A Musical Catastrophe (2000) - Ken Kesey meets The Wizard of Oz Universal Cult Horror Collection Wild Child (2008) Wrecked Wrong Turn at Tahoe The Goods: Live Hard-Sell Hard Open Road (2009)--Justin Timberlake &Jeff Bridges!! Of course there's more new stuff, including several classic comedies and westerns in the New To The Store section. Head in out of this ridiculous rain/wind business and check 'em out. hump