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New to view: Not one but two new MacGuffin podcasts

Scarecrow Video is not only home to over 100,000 movies but also is the setting for the discerning film discourse of the MacGuffin Podcast. In the last two weeks, head MacGuffin podcaster Spencer and frequent guest John Portanova of Adler & Zenith fame have been chatting about everything from what drives you to buy a DVD to the merits of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Here are the two most recent episodes for your perusal: Episode 18: In which Spencer and John wax poetic about their Top 25 Sequels (Mannequin 2:On The Move was ROBBED!) Episode 19: In which Spencer and John profess love for particular DVDs and special features, explore the career of Richard Kelly and discuss sub-genres (is John's awesome Let The Right One In shirt a nod to the teen vampire genre?) If you want to catch the podcast in action, hang out around the Action/Adventure section on Monday evenings and you just might spot them. macguffinimage