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November is in full swing and now is as good time to start in on your holiday shopping. We've got an incredible selection of new DVDs & Blu-ray titles at competitive prices. We always take at least 10% off the suggested retail price of any title we have for sale, something the big chains don't always do, especially if you're in the market for a film that didn't just come out yesterday. Head in and browse our selection and if you don't see what you're looking for, remember we can special order anything in print. We've already kicked off a big sale on French New Wave films from Criterion for your the discerning cinemaphile on your list. While you're out and about this weekend, there's plenty of theatrical goodness in town. The Blue November MicroFilm Festival is over at the Upper Crust in Greenwood with a mix of film, music and performance. Down south, the Olympia Film Festival draws to an end with the ever popular, world famous horror fest ALL FREAKIN' NIGHT hosted by our colleagues and Stranger Genius Award Shortlisters Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt. Closer to home, Grand Illusion has a brand spankin' new 35mm print of LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN starring Gene Tierney and DEVIL'S EXPRESS (aka GANG WARS) in the Late Night spot. Northwest Film Forum continues the AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD: THE CINEMA OF LISANDRO ALONSO series---you can read Sean Axmaker's excellent overview of the Argentine filmmakers work over on The Stranger's website. Mr. Alonso will be in attendance at several of the screenings as well, check their schedule for details. SIFF Cinema has YOUSSOU N'DOUR: I BRING WHAT I LOVE, a documentary on the Senegalese pop star's album "Egypt," which he wrote as a response to negative perceptions on Islam. Keeping with that theme, we highly recommend visiting our Senegal section and checking out any of the works of director Ousmane Sembene, especially BLACK GIRL and MOOLAADE. SIFF Cinema also has a special screening of Kenji Mizoguchi's THE DOWNFALL OF OSEN on Sunday, November 15th, featuring live musical accompaniment by the Aono Jikken Ensemble--and the NEW ITALIAN CINEMA FESTIVAL next week. We also feel you should know that ROAD HOUSE is the Midnight Movie at the Egyptian. Enjoy!