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Do you prefer Boys over Flowers?!

Korean Drama Boys Over Flowers! This popular K-drama will be available for sale and rental November 17th, but as early as April, Scarecrow Video was receiving emails asking to pre-order Boys Over Flowers. It seems to be the most popular of the many adaptations of the original Manga with the same name. So what's this "Boys Over Flowers" business all about? Well, you're about to find out! Back in 1992, a 37 volume Shojo (meaning aimed at teen girls) Manga called Boys over Flowers was created by Yoko Kamio and ran until 2003. In the mean time, a live action movie in '95 was created, a 51 episode Anime in '96 and a follow-up anime movie in 1997. Later, a Chinese Drama that ran for two seasons in 2001 and 2002 called 'Meteor Garden' was also based on the series. Not to be out-done, Japan came out with their own show in 2005 called Hana Yori Dango (translation: Boys over Flowers, duh) with another Live-Action movie with the same show's cast in 2008. What kind of plot could produce so many adaptations!? Well, almost every girl's dream plot! The story of an average girl who believes in herself and being strong--even against the school's richest, prettiest, meanest (and most popular, duuhh) guys known as the F4!!! Amidst a seemingly loosing battle, she learns about friendship, staying true, and FALLING IN LOVE! Personally, I'm a huge fan of enemies falling in love and spunky girls getting the recognition they deserve. It's always great to cheer for the underdog while the shallow popular bully kids get what's coming to them (proper life lessons delivered by kicks in the face and juice poured on their heads)! And who to present it better than the KOREANS!? Korean dramas always have a touch of over the top flair that everyone seems to enjoy. It stays pretty close to what I've seen of the anime (which I LOVE), except with slightly more dramatic (and handsome) actors and exaggerated situations--As if the original concept wasn't theatrical enough--it makes for one hell of a drama! I hear that if you have a cocaine problem or drink too much, that Korean Dramas can healthily substitute your addiction. Any customer that comes into scarecrow renting a K-Drama raves about how they can't stop watching these shows. Right now in the store we have a 3 episode *FREE* sample DVD (while supplies last) available to take and keep to get that addiction to K-dramas flowing. The full Korean series will be released for sale and rental NOVEMBER 17th!!! You'll probably LOVE IT!! (if you can't get enough: also available is the Anime, the Japanese Drama, the Live Action movies AND the Chinese Drama 'Meteor Garden'! all for rental at Scarecrow Video!) all the boys over all the flowers