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Painted Box Spotlight 4: Vengeance's Revenge

Welcome to another Painted Box Spotlight, our occasionally-somewhat-regular feature honoring the best, worst and weirdest painted artwork as displayed on VHS boxes from our collection. And we might as well start by commemorating the passing of one of my long-time favorite VHS boxes, The Glove. Since this John Saxon/Rosey Grier bounty hunter vs. ex-con-with-a-deadly-riot-glove movie has recently come to DVD on a double feature with Search and Destroy, the box pictured above has moved on to the Graveyard of Obsolete Formats. But it's never too late to pay tribute. The hulking Darkseid-like super villain in the middle actually represents Rosey Grier in riot gear. In the movie he's cool but not as cool as on this painting. The new double feature DVD does use this artwork collaged together with the Search and Destroy artwork and crammed onto a drive-in screen. You can't really get a good look at it, but at least it's not entirely gone. Every time I glance at the Manchurian Avenger box I think that guy on the left is Charles Bronson. But upon further inspection I realize he's just some guy with a mustache. There's a lot going on on this box, for example this guy getting catapulted through the air by an explosion: I like how it kind of gives the impression that the explosion is caused by the not-Charles-Bronson guy (the Manchurian Avenger himself?) slamming his giant palm down on the ground. I thought Lady Street Fighter (not to be confused with Sister Street Fighter) fit the vengeance theme, because it looks like one of those paranoid '80s urban crime movies. The torn open shirt clearly implies that she is being attacked in some dark corner of the city but has gotten the upper hand due to her pipe-fighting skills. However, the actual movie (from the director of Don't Go in the Woods) is about an undercover agent (the Lady Street Fighter herself) assigned to kill a corrupt FBI agent. And we might as well go out on a high note. There are numerous "so-and-so thought the Vietnam war was over" movies in the world of painted boxes, but Heated Vengeance is definitely one of the best I've seen. The collage style is pretty standard but the colors are unusually bright. All that yellow (the heated part) counteracts the usual gloomy image of a movie like this. And they deserve credit for not copying the pose from the Rambo: First Blood Part II cover. It must've been tempting to at least use it for the flamethrower guy at the bottom. Previous installments: Painted Box Spotlight #1 Painted Box Spotlight Episode 2: Deadly Death Warriors Painted Box Spotlight Episode 3: Power vs. Force