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There appears to be a break in the bluster as I write this, so now is an ideal time to head out and stock up on your weekend viewing options. UP comes out on DVD on Tuesday, so you may want to prepare with a Pixar marathon. If you've been using a certain popular search engine in the last couple days, you may know that next week marks the 40th anniversary of SESAME STREET. Have you seen OLD SCHOOL SESAME STREET? Volume 1 features episodes from 1969-74, Volume 2 covers 1974-1979, and both may cause heavenly nostalgia overload. If you're headed to see the fancy new A CHRISTMAS CAROL in theaters, get POLAR EXPRESS and make it a 3-D Zemeckis double feature. Also in theaters this week is THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS, starring George Clooney and Ewan McGregor (with an American accent!), directed by Grant Heslov (who you may remember as the sidekick in THE SCORPION KING). Grand Illusion Cinema has a gorgeous new 35mm print of Carol Reed's ODD MAN OUT starring James Mason. SIFF Cinema is showing the 1962 French thriller LE COMBAT DANS L'ILE. The new Claire Denis film 35 SHOTS OF RUM is at Northwest Film Forum.  Central Cinema has a musical tribute to THE BREAKFAST CLUB (speaking of which, did you see this today?) And NOT in theaters this weekend is COUCH FEST, which we told you all about in this post. Monday night the SILENT MOVIE MONDAYS series continues at the fabulous Paramount Theater with 1926's animated achievement THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED, based on stories from 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS. The combination of the amazing visuals and live musical accompaniment should make for a memorable cinematic experience. Ok, it just started thundering & raining again. Time to get some movies and stay inside for the rest of the night...