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What's up with the DVD of John Huston's THE DEAD

You may recall from our Tuesday New Release post that the long anticipated DVD release of John Huston's THE DEAD (his 1987 adaptation of James Joyce's Dubliners story, starring his daughter Anjelica) had an edit that omitted about 10 minutes from the film. Lionsgate, the studio that released the DVD, has issued this statement:  "It has come to our attention that due to a technical malfunction, the initial DVD shipment of John Huston's THE DEAD contained an incomplete version of the film. We deeply apologize to all our consumers for this unfortunate error and want to offer them an opportunity to replace their current copies with the complete version as soon as it is available," which they estimate will be sometime during the week of November 23rd. So we're sending back our rental and sale copies and will await the replacements. The DVD is currently one of our featured sale items in our Stranger ad. We have it priced at $10.95, and will honor that sale price once the new ones arrive. dead