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New Releases for this all-important ELECTION DAY

Did you turn in your ballot yet???? Good, now you can head into the store and take stock of the gigantic amount of New Releases for this first week of November, including a slew of new Blu-ray discs, intriguing documentaries, classic movies new to DVD, lots of TV on DVD and much more. Here's the list (remember, a * means it's also on Blu-ray): G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA* and G.I. JOE: RESOLUTE - We begin with a review from our colleague Bryan: If you're the type who can appreciate a balls-out ludicrous wannabe event movie that features little trace of substance, wit or common sense, you can't do much better than G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. A hilariously unrestrained onslaught of bad CGI and shamelessly corny dialogue, this ridiculous tale of elite units, laser guns, ninjas, submarines and mind control comes off as way crappier but much more likable than the other adapted-from-the-toy-Hasbro movie of the summer. Channing Tatum (who's actually quite good in a film called Fighting) is as stiff as the doll he plays, leading the fight against soon-to-be-snake-themed terrorism, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt chews the scenery as a cartoonishly over-the-top villain. Equally dumb but more entertaining than most of the other films of director Stephen Sommers, The Rise of Cobra would make for perfect 'I can't believe they actually made this' viewing with friends and beverages. If you've got higher standards for your ‘80s nostalgia though, you should consider the animated tie-in G.I. Joe: Resolute, which was first released as short webisodes but features more sophisticated animation than the original cartoon. Scripted by the popular comics writer Warren Ellis, Resolute does what the movie probably should have: take the original characters and concepts and put them in a more dramatic, less stupid action story. A major character is murdered, Cobra Commander is actually kind of scary, and the Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow ninja grudge is finally resolved (but not peacefully). FOOD, INC.* NORTH BY NORTHWEST (50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION)* - Hurrah! One of Hitchcock's best is FINALLY back in print and also now on Blu-ray for high-definition appreciation of Mount Rushmore and Cary Grant. THE DEAD (1987) - The good news is that John Huston's last film, an adaptation of the classic James Joyce story starring his daughter Angelica, is finally available on DVD. The not-so-good news is that there seems to be about 12 minutes cut out of it. We're trying to figure out what's up and will pass along any info we get. CLAUDETTE COLBERT COLLECTION - With Three Cornered Moon (1933). Maid of Salem, (1937) I Met Him In Paris (1937), Bluebeard's Eighth Wife (1938, a Charles Bracket & Billy Wilder scripted/Ernest Lubitsch collaboration), No Time For Love (1943) and The Egg and I (1947). COLUMBIA PICTURES FILM NOIR CLASSICS: VOLUME ONE - This five film set includes Fritz Lang's The Big Heat (1953), The Sniper (1952, directed by Edward Dmytryk), 5 Against The House (1955, directed by Phil Karlson), The Lineup (1958, directed by Don Siegel), and Murder By Contract (1958, directed by Irving Lerner), plus introduction by Michael Mann, Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese. NIRVANA: LIVE AT READING WILL FERRELL: YOU'RE WELCOME, AMERICA - Mr. Ferrell dons his George W. Bush suit & wig one last time for this HBO special looking back at the Bush years. It may leave you wondering, 'Whoa, did I just see Will Ferrell's junk?' THE MARC PEASE EXPERIENCE - A new comedy starring Ben Stiller & Jason Schwartzmann STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS - SEASON 1 - The animated adventures that take place between Episodes II and III, if you choose to recognize their existence. Actually, this show is pretty interesting. Check it out, prequel haters. THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123* - John Travolta and Denzel Washington star in this remake of the 1974 heist classic. We have several copies of the original available for rent if you'd like to make it a double feature. UNMISTAKEN CHILD - SAY ANYTHING (20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION)* - Oh Lloyd Dobler, has it been that long. I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER - The Internet Movie Database says, 'A nerdy valedictorian proclaims his love for the hottest and most popular girl in school – Beth Cooper – during his graduation speech. Much to his surprise, Beth shows up at his door that very night and decides to show him the best night of his life.' Hayden Panettiere plays the titular lady. WINGS OF DESIRE* - Wim Wenders' 1987 film gets the Criterion treatment on both DVD and Blu-ray. It includes commentary with Wenders and Peter Falk. OSS 117: LOST IN RIO (PAL CODE 2) - A French import DVD of the spy spoof sequel, also this year's Closing Night film at SIFF. NEW TV ON DVD Adventures of Robin Hood (1955): Season 4 Afro Samurai: The Complete Murder Sessions - Includes the entire anime series and Afro Samurai: Resurrection. Barbara Stanwyck Show: Volume 1 CSI: New York: Season 5 Doctor Who--Story 126: Mawdryn Undead Doctor Who--Story 127: Terminus Doctor Who--Story 128: Enlightenment Doctor Who - Story 25: The War Games Flashpoint: Season 1 - A TV show from our neighbors to the North about tough cops in Toronto. Girlfriends: Season 7 Hawaii Five-O: Season 7 The Hills: Season 5 Part 1 Lark Rises to Candleford: Season 1 - A tale of two towns in 19th century England Life (Part 2): Season 2--A show addressing the challenges facing Baby Boomers Life After People - The Series: Season 1 Lost Tapes - This Animal Planet series chronicles first person encounters with strange & unusual animals Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force: Season 1 Mannix: Season 3 Mission: Impossible - Season 7 Mister Ed: Season 1 - Now that you read that, we bet you'll have the song stuck in your head for a bitsorry Patton 360: Season 1 - History Channel series begins with the 1943 campaign in North Africa and follows the General through the end of the war. Rockford Files: Movie Collection Vol. 1 Scare Tactics: Season 3 Part 1 Vega$: Season 1 Vol. 1 - A late 70s Aaron Spelling production starring Robert Urich and Tony Curtis. Warriors: Season 1 - Go 'inside the culture, the weaponry, the tactics, and ultimately inside the psyche of the most famous warriors of all time. Every episode tells the dramatic story of the world s iconic warriors Vikings, Aztecs, Barbarians, using their personal stories as a vehicle to delve deep into a particular warrior culture.' On The Road with Charles Kuralt: Set 1 ANIME NEW RELEASES Dragonaut: The Resonance Part 1 Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk Part 1 FAMILY NEW RELEASES Aliens in the Attic * Animal Planet: Elephants Bigfoot (2008) Kids! SCIQ Vol. 1 & 2 (Smithsonian Network) Kong: Return to the Jungle My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1960's & 1970s Vol. 2 Secret of Pirate Island (Playmobil cartoon) Secret Saturdays Vol. 2 Woof! NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVE - read more about them here Two Mrs. Grenvilles (1987) - Starring Ann-Margaret and Claudette Colbert NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Adoration Beast Stalker Billy Jack Leonard Cohen: Live at the Isle of Wight Contact (1997) The Craft (1997) Frankenstein (1994) Ghost Ship (2004) Home Alone 2 Horton Hears a Who How I Met Your Mother: Season 4 How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966 & 2000) Howards End (Criterion!) Miracle on 34th Street (1994) Monty Python: Almost The Truth My Name is Earl: Season 4 Nickelback: Live at Sturgis 2006 Nothing Like the Holidays Number 23 Rocky: The Undisputed Collection (all the movies!) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) Rob Thomas: Something To Be Tour Live The Unit: Season 4 (final season) Wolf (1994) Yellowstone: Battle for Life NEW FOREIGN FILMS & IMPORTS Desperate (1947)(PAL Code 2) - Anthony Mann's 1947 gangster film Before the Fall (2008) - Spain Criminal Justice (2008) - UK Holy Flame of the Martial World (1983) - Hong Kong Kigai: Complete - Japanese horror collection Mortal Transfer (2001) - French film from director Jean-Jacques Beineix Private Lesson (1975) - Italy Quickie Express (2007)(PAL) - A sexy comedy from Indonesia See You After School (2006) - Korea Sex Is Crazy (1981) - From director Jess Franco Sleep Furiously (2008)(PAL Code 2) - A portrait of a small Welsh farming community X-Cross (2007) - Japan NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC & ART TITLES The Achievers: The Story of Lebowski Fans Art 21: Art in the 21st Century - Season 5 Chanel, Chanel - A portrait of the fashion icon Blip Festival 2006: The Videos - Music in the electronica vein Joan Baez: How Sweet The Sound Besieged Fortress - Rain floods a termite community in this French half-doc, half narrative film; the English version is narrated by John Cusack. Boris Godunov (1954) - A Russian opera Botany of Desire - Doc. Based on the book by Michael Pollan shows our world from a plant's point of view. Narrated by Frances McDormand. Curing Depression: Anxiety & Panic Disorder Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life Earth 2100 English Surgeon - Brain surgeon Dr. Henry Marsh travels to the Ukraine to help critically ill patients. Expedition Africa* Flash of Light: Photographs of E.J. Kelty Bela Fleck: Throw Your Heart Down Giselle (1974) - Bolshoi Ballet Happiness 101with Tal Ben-Shahar Haunted Histories Collection Vol. 7 & 8 How To Be A Woman - We got in the male counterpart of the classic educational short film collection earlier, and now us ladies can get in on the learning too. I Am Because You Are - Madonna travels to Malawi and explores the ravages of poverty & AIDS left on the country. Also features interviews with Bill Clinton and Desmond Tutu. Jack Johnson: En Concert Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do? Ludwig Van - How would Beethoven have seen and heard the 20th century? This film explores just that. Magnificent Voyage of Christopher Columbus Manchester United: Classic Matches Miss Sarajevo - Director Bill Carter captures the stories of those stuck in Sarajevo during the four year siege on the city Nutcracker (1987)--Bolshoi Ballet Abe Osheroff: One Foot in the Grave the Other Still Dancing - The legendary activist reflects on his life & ideals Order of the Alchemists: Knights of Malta Placebo: Soulmates Never Die - Live in Paris 2003 Refusenik - A chronicle of the over 30 year struggle to free Soviet Jews Retirement Revolution: The New Reality Single - 'Single explores the growth of the unmarried population and the complexities of finding and maintaining a lasting relationship in today's crazy world.' UFC 100: Making History Wisdom of Kabbalah Your Life, Your Money And because there are far more than usual this week, here's all the new TRAVEL documentaries A Celtic Journey Through Ireland Fairy Tale Europe: Germany & Austria Visions of Austria Visions of the Great Cities of Europe From the BEST OF EUROPE series: Enchanted Italy Heart of France London & Beyond Molto Italiano Wondrous Europe AND MORE MOVIES & MISC Answer Man Beast Within (2009) Cheering Section/King Frat Edge of Darkness (1985) Extra Terrestrial Visitors Flesh, TX Greg Giraldo: Midlife Vices Eddie Izzard: Live at Wembley Jada Jim Jefferies: I Swear to God Last of the Living - ZOMBIES!! Love N' Dancing Massacre Mafia Style Mulligan - Indie comedy Night Watcher Not Forgotten Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Paraiso Travel - A Spanish language film about a Colombian immigrant in New York City, starring John Leguizamo. Sherlock Holmes: Archive Collection Stuntman (2009) Superman - Thirteen episodes of the cartoon produced by Ruby-Spears Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series - This is a new adventure using the video game as a starting point. The film starring Christian Bale will be out December 1st. West 32nd - John Cho delves into New York's Koren underground. There's much more, including a lot of classic comedies & dramas in our NEW TO THE STORE section, and of course the usual assortment of new items up in the Sexploitation room. Head in soon to check ‘em out. nxnw