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Halloween weekend is here! While you're in the store getting those last-minute scary films for Halloween night, grab some SWEET, SWEET CANDY on the front counter. We've found a sugar rush really helps propel you through the browsing process. If you're looking to haunt the theaters this weekend, your best bet for frights is at Grand Illusion Cinema. Tonight at 8pm they're hosting The Sprocket Society's SPOOKSHOW SPECTACULAR: "Join us on our journey into the strange, dark world of the SUPERNATURAL as we try to make contact with the other side and invite the diabolical denizens of the spectral realms into our theater. You will see a GHOST! But you may not SURVIVE!" We've heard rumors of ghouls and dancing skeletons. Go and see it for yourself...IF YOU DARE! Halloween night at 8pm is the SUPER SECRET TRIPLE CREATURE FEATURE which promises a trio of monster terror. What films, you ask? Here's a hint: "a classic of human transformation horror and two modern day cautionary tales of cosmic terror!" Elsewhere in town, Central Cinema is hosting the LOST BOYS QUOTE-ALONG ("You'd better get yourself a garlic T-shirt, buddy, or it's your funeral") on Halloween night at 7pm (for the all ages crowd) and 9:30pm (for the 21+ folks). At Benaroya Hall, Tonight and tomorrow night, The Seattle Symphony is screening Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO with a live performance of the soundtrack. SIFF Cinema has ACT OF GOD, " an elegant cinematic meditation on the metaphysical effects of being struck by lightning" by MAUNFACTURING CONSENT director Jennifer Baichwal. BEESWAX, the new film by Andrew Bujalski that's being called a mumblecore masterpiece, is playing at Northwest Film Forum (and check out Bujalisk's FUNNY HA HA and MUTUAL APPRECIATION here in the Independent Comedy section). There's also the performance art spectacular of  DEGENERATE ART ENSEMBLE's SONIC TALES on Friday & Saturday night at the Moore Theater. Whatever you choose to view, have fun, stay safe, and don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour before you head to bed Halloween night.