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Look What's Talking!?

I just realized that there are several movies about talking genitalia. Some say cinema is the seventh art (presumably they mean after cooking, krunking, wrasslin', eating, napping, and Tetris). And what more beautiful way to celebrate the human condition and express the intangible than by writing and directing a film about talking hoo-hoos and chatty no-nos. On the male side of things there's Dorris Dorrie's Me and Him and Germany's Ants in the Pants. Note the similar use of cartoon bubbles for hilarious effect. His junk is totally cat calling at that bodacious babe! Thanks to IMDB's new-ish "plot keyword" search option I was able to actually search for movies matching the plot keyword "talking penis." What an age to be alive. Apparently there's a handful of other movies that match this plot device, though only The Marquis seems to actually have this aspect as a central device. As for the ladies there's the strong-R rated Chatterbox (the only one of these movies I've actually seen) and the X-Rated, ahem, "Pony" Talk (I've substituted the word "pony" for a common term for the female anatomy that also begins with a "P" and ends with a "y"). Sadly, Chatterbox is the only film that applies to the IMDB keyword search for "singing vagina." How else would you know it's talking if there wasn't a cartoon bubble?! (apologies to MovieGoods for heisting their image, but it's for a good cause, so please don't sue me!) There's more right? Which ones have I forgotten?