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What's New for the week of October 20th

TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN - It's also on Blu-ray so you can see those high adrenaline action sequences in high definition. It's on sale now here in the store and here online. MONSOON WEDDING: CRITERION - Mira Nair's vibrant story of arranged marriages, hidden affairs and family secrets gets the Criterion treatment on DVD and Blu-ray. It features a new digital transfer and translation, audio commentary with Nair and six of her short films. You'll find it here for sale. We still have the Criterion limited edition poster free with any Criterion purchase. FADOS - Carlos Saura completes the musical trilogy of Flamenco and Tango with another dynamic exploration of sound: IT'S GARRY SHANDLING'S SHOW: COMPLETE SERIES - Before he was Larry Sanders, Garry Shandling was himself in this show that pushed the format of a standard sitcom. Plus, it has an awesome theme song: BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE - Another anime series makes the leap into a live action film. This one's about a half-human, half-vampire samurai named Saya who defends humanity from evil demons who have infested the Earth. It's also available on Blu-ray and for sale on our website. HARDWARE: SPECIAL EDITION - Post-apocalyptic mechanical soldier madness! And it's on Blu-ray too! On sale now! WILLIAM CASTLE FILM COLLECTION - Eight spooky films from the master horror director: 13 Frightened Girls (1963), 13 Ghosts (1960), Homicidal (1961), Strait-Jacket (1964), The Old Dark House (1963), Mr. Sardonicus (1961), The Tingler (1959), and Zotz! (1962). DEATH IN THE GARDEN - Luis Bunuel's 1956 adventure follows a group of political refugees through the jungle and their own moral quandaries. SUMMER STORM (1944) - A love-triangle crime drama set in Russia just before the 1917 Revolution, starring Linda Darnell, George Sanders and Edward Everett Horton. Douglas Sirk directed the film and adapted the screenplay from Anton Chekov's novel The Shooting Party. BLACK RAIN (1989) - Shohei Imamaura's powerful adaptation of Masuji Ibuse's novel about the devastating after effects of Hiroshima. HOU HSIAO--HSIEN ULTIMATE COLLECTION - Eight films from the acclaimed Chinese director: Boys From Fengkuei, Summer at Grandpa's, A Time To Live and a Time To Die, Dust In The Wind, Puppetmaster, Good Men Good Women, Goodbye South Goodbye and Flowers of Shanghai. CHERI - Stephen Frears' latest, starring Michelle Pfeiffer MOON IN THE GUTTER - Jean-Jacques Beineix's stylized existential noir starring Gerard Depardieu and Nastassja Kinski. FATHERHOOD DREAMS PAGEANT SOMETHING ABOUT THE WALL - Ross McElwee and Marilyn Levine's documentary about the Berlin Wall, completed just after it came down. BLOOD, SWEAT + GEARS L WORD: FINAL SEASON - The last season of drama for Bette, Tina, Jenny, Alice, Tasha, Shane & company. BLACK ADDER and FAWLTY TOWERS - Both classic Britcoms have been remastered in new complete collections. SPAGHETTI WESTERN BIBLE PRESENTS: THE FAST, THE SAVED AND THE DAMNED - Ten films, including Blindman starring Ringo Starr and The Beast starring Klaus Kinski. PEANUTS: 1970s COLLECTION VOLUME 1 - Includes You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown, There's No Time For Love, Charlie Brown, It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and the new to DVD It's A Mystery, Charlie Brown and Play It Again, Charlie Brown. It's on sale here and online. NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVES - For more information about the Warner Brothers Archive Collection, click HERE. Barbarian (1933) A romantic drama starring Myrna Loy. The Bribe (1948) Noir with Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner, Charles Laughton and Vincent Price. City Beneath The Sea (1971) Underwater colonists defend their home from aliens! Comrade X (1940) A comedy/drama starring Clark Gable and Hedy Lamarr, directed by King Vidor. Death of a Centerfold (1981) AKA The Dorothy Stratten Story. Deliberate Stranger (1986) The movie with Mark Harmon as Ted Bundy Every Girl Should Be Married (1948) Starring Cary Grant (swoon!) Everybody Sing (1938) Musical with Judy Garland & Fanny Brice. Flying High (1931) Musical with dance sequences by Busby Berkeley. George White's Scandal (1945) Musical featuring Margaret Hamilton, aka the Wicked Witch of the West. Haywire (1980) Made for TV drama with Lee Remick and Jason Robards. Jack The Ripper (1988) Made for TV film with Michael Caine, Armand Assante and Jane Seymour. Love Among Thieves (1986) A romantic mystery with Audrey Hepburn and Robert Wagner. Man From Atlantis (1977) Patrick Duffy is an Aquaman-esque dectective. Our Miss Brooks (1956) Eve Arden stars as the smart English teacher. Penthouse (1933) Murder/mystery starring Myrna Loy. Perfect Strangers (1949) Drama with Dennis Morgan and Ginger Rogers. Pretty Baby (1950) Screwball comedy with Dennis Morgan and Betsy Drake. Return of the Frontiersman (1949) Western with Gordon MacRae, Julie London and Rory Calhoun. Rosalie (1937) Musical starring Nelson Eddy, Eleanor Powell and Ray 'Scarecrow' Bolger. Ten Thousand Bedrooms (1957) A musical comedy starring Dean Martin. Term of Trial (1962) A tale similar to the plot of The Police song 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' starring Laurence Olivier, Simone Signoret and Terence Stamp. Top Secret Affair (1957) A comedy of errors starring Susan Hayward and Kirk Douglas. ANIME NEW RELEASES Blade of the Immortal: Life Is Not Precious Blassreiter Part 1 Bleach: Vol. 21 - The Bount Blood+ Part 2 Legends of the Dark King Moribitio - Guardian of the Spirit Vol. 6 Saber Rider & The Star Sheriffs: Complete Collection FAMILY NEW RELEASES Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack: Vol. 1 Secret of the Nutcracker NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE A Charlie Brown Christmas Easy Rider (40th Anniversary Edition) Once Upon a Time in China Waterworld NEW TV ON DVD Being Erica: Season 1 Numb3rs: Season 5 Pat Paulsen's Half a Comedy Hour: Complete Collection Plastic Man: Complete Collection Route 66: Season 3 Vol. 2 Saturday Night Live: The Best of Amy Poehler Unwrapped: Vol. 1 NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Captain Scarlet: Series 2 (2005)(PAL Code 2) Another of Gerry Anderson's supermarionette shows Chef's Special (2008) Spain Chintuji (2009) India Deewangee (2002) India Demain (Rouge Au Sol) (2008) Canada Dog Eat Dog (2006) Colombia Everlasting Moments (2008) Sweden –Also playing at the upcoming Nordic Lights Film Festival at SIFF Cinema For Her (2008) France For My Father (2009) Israel Hey Ram (2000) India Himalaya, Where The Wind Dwells (2009) Korea Hindustani (2003) India Invitation Only (2009) Taiwan Iron Road (2008) Canada Jab We Met (2007) India John Rage (PAL Code 2)(2009) Germany Joru Ka Ghulam (2000) India Kannethirey Thoondrinal (2000) India Kung Fu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction (2009) Hong Kong Lamhe (1991) India Last Homecoming (2008) Greece Lemon Tree (2009) Israel Like You Know It All (Code 3)(2008) Korea Lookin' For Alexander (2004) Canada Mark of an Angel (2007) France Mehbooba (2008) India On Her Majesty's Secret Service (2009) Hong Kong Overheard (2009) Hong Kong P (2008) A horror film from Thailand Passion & Poetry: The Ballad of Sam Peckinpah (PAL Code 2)(2005) A doc. about the director of such films as The Wild Bunch. Permanent Residence (Code 3)(2009) Hong Kong Rabbit Without Ears (PAL Code 2)(2007) Germany Sea Wall (2008) France Secret Defense (2008) France SIRFLife Looks Greener on the Other Side (2008) India Tkaronto (2007) Canada Vida Loca (PAL Code 4)(2008) Written By (2009) Hong Kong NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC, ART & EXPERIMENTAL FILMS Angels of Vengeance Anything Boys Can Do/Mark of the Devil (Punk Rock!) Big Brother and The Holding Company: Ball & Chain Celluloid Horror Cinema Different, Different Cinema Vol.3 Disappearance of Martin Bormann FA Cup 2005-2006 –Soccer doc. - West Ham vs. Liverpool FC Hallelujah! Ron Athey - A Story of Deliverance Hunt for Adolf Eichmann Just For Laughs: Launching Pad –Early comedy by Flight of the Conchords, Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart & more. Naomi Klein: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism Listening Project –Filmmakers ask, 'What does the world think of America?' Living With the Machigenga w/ Mark & Olly Joseph Mengele: The Final Account On The Line Paris 1919 - Documentary about the Paris Peace Conference held in the wake of World War I. Pop! Tech Queen and I Silent Feminists: America's First Women Directors Six Degrees of Helter Skelter That Was The GDR They Killed Sister Dorothy United States of Poetry AND MORE NEW MOVIES Bye-Bye Bin Laden - An animated satire director Scott Sublett calls 'South Park meets The Daily Show.' The Crew (2008) Elephant King Late Fee (Unrated) We promise we're nothing like the clerks in this film Love In The Age of Fishsticks Ordinary Killer Teenage Dirtbag - If you missed it at Central Cinema, the teen rebel & hottie hook up is now on DVD Torturer Tuesday (2008) Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead - There's at least two brutal killings in the first seven minutes! There's more, including a bunch more Indian films and a fine selection of Adult films in our New to the Sexploitation Room section. Head on in and check 'em out. monsoon