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A movie about Danny Trejo!

I'm not sure what the full title of the movie I just watched actually is. The box says Champion, but there's a bunch of other text including things like the word Parole and somewhere in there are the words Danny Trejo. I think that most of that text is just fancy-pants decorative stuff - but it does confuse the issue a little. The IMDB gives the title simply as Champion, however the poster seems to think the film is called Danny Trejo, Champion. Scarecrow has it in the New Releases section and its filed under C, so Champion it is. If you are unfamiliar with the name Danny Trejo, you probably just know him as "that big Mexican guy with the tattoos - or from films like Desperado where he played the big Mexican guy with the tattoos and the knives. You may also remember him from the Machete trailer in Grindhouse where he played, um..the big Mexican guy with the knives (and also tattoos). If you need to cast an Asian thug you call up Al Leong, if you're looking for a bad-ass Hispanic, then Trejo is your man. Champion is a biographical documentary about Trejo, who speaks candidly about things like doing heroin when he was 12 years old and making a living as an armed robber by the time he was 15. I could have done without a few of the more "artistic" shots, but any complaints I might have are canceled out by the subject matter. It would be pretty hard to make a dull film about a guy who went from alcoholic drug-addicted gang member, to boxing champion of San Quentin, to movie star. Champion is a fascinating look at one man's journey to redemption. Its one of those rare movies that manages to be inspirational without being saccharine.