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Does your mind need blowing?

If you still somehow haven't seen the Shaw Brothers gonzo horror and black magic film, Boxer's Omen, you can see it for FREE tonight at 9pm in beautifully yuppie downtown Ballard at the decidedly non-yuppie Sunset Tavern! It's all part of the monthly Kung Fu Grindhouse program that allows you to watch wild and weird movies while in the comfort of a rock and roll bar. I went once about a year ago because they were showing a Weng-Weng movie, The Impossible Kid, that Scarecrow doesn't even have! Let's face it, you're probably going to get drunk tonight anyway, so why not get drunk with strangers and see one of the strangest films not made by a pretentious Yugoslavian! For example: If you miss it Boxer's Omen is available for rent in our Hong-Kong Horror section up in the Psychotronic Room between the Mondo Macabro section and Japanese Horror section. Good times!