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Seattle Weekly readers vote Scarecrow best local video store

The Seattle public have given us their love again! The below was in the newest issue of the Seattle Weekly. Thanks so much for supporting us in our insane pursuit of all things film. Here's to another great year!


Best Aisle at Scarecrow


Oh, sure, you've got your porno section, your anime area, your unclassifiable comedies, and nation-by-nation sections, but for my money, it's the HITCHCOCK SHELVES that are most impressive. They've got some 127 titles (several of them duplicates) in all your major formats, including Laserdisc for you first-edition Criterion Collection purists. There are also compendiums from his 1950s Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV series and some of his silent-era rarities. Look a little further, and there are many documentaries about the famed director, too. Given enough rainy evenings, you could practically assemble your own Ph.D. course on the guy, then perhaps write a dissertation on why his Mr. &Mrs. Smith is superior to the Brad and Angelina flick.Brian Miller



Readers vote: Best Local Video Store


Surprised that SCARECROW VIDEO won? Nope, neither are we, since it's the largest video store in the Northwest and has an insanely diverse selection of films on VHS and DVD. The film-buff employees are always willing to recommend something, and even the most obscure or creepy film you can think ofe.g., the 1974 made-for-TV horror classic Bad Ronaldis probably somewhere on their shelves.