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New Releases for the week of October 13th

DRAG ME TO HELL - Here's a review by our colleague Bryan Theiss: After three big budget Spider-man movies in a row and his past as the director of The Evil Dead practically forgotten, the old Sam Raimi suddenly reappears with this crowd-pleasing and darkly humorous horror show. Trying to impress her boss at the bank, a young loan officer (Alison Lohman) denies a loan extension to a toothless old Gypsy woman who promptly turns around and curses her. Lohman spends the rest of the movie trying to do whatever she can to avoid getting sucked down into the netherworld, including but not limited to séances, grave robbing and animal sacrifice. Eyeballs appear in her food, flies invade her internal organs, a goat yells at her, blood and worms spray out of her nose and mouth, and all the while she attempts to continue her career and social life. Early in the movie there is a knock down, drag out catfight in a parking garage that's better than any fight in an action movie this summer, and Raimi maintains that type of energy throughout. He also cleverly gives the heroine more of a dark side than females are usually afforded in the horror movie formula, leading to some big laughs. You'll be smiling and laughing (and if you're a Raimi fan you'll notice a lot of references and in-jokes) but it's not a comedy, it's a straight ahead old fashioned horror movie getting a kick out of playing with the audience. Drag Me To Hell is not the scariest or most disturbing horror movie of the year, but it's by far the most enjoyable. Thanks, Bryan. We have it for sale on DVD and Blu-ray in the store and online. OBJECTIFIED--New documentary from the director of Helvetica: LAND OF THE LOST - The movie-fied version of Sid & Marty Krofft's kids' show, though we'll warn you, this one's probably not suitable for the younger set. Will Ferrell stars as a scientist who's time traveling device is mocked by the entire scientific community (and Matt Lauer) until one day it suddenly works, sucking him, an admiring British doctorial student and an offbeat roadside attraction worker (portrayed by the always awesome Danny McBride) into the titular mysterious world. If you were curious, yes, you do get to see Will Ferrell in his underpants. EVERY LITTLE STEP - A hit at SIFF this year, this documentary chronicles both the creation of A Chorus Line and the casting for the 2006 Broadway revival. This might make a good double feature with Land of the Lost (watch it and you'll see). THE PROPOSAL - Green Card for the new millennium, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. DUSAN MAKAVEJEV: FREE RADICAL - Criterion's Eclipse label presents three films by the Serbian director: Man Is Not a Bird (1965), Love Affair; Or The Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator (1967) and Innocence Unprotected (1968). Read more about it here. ADORATION--Atom Egoyan's latest: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME - The 1981 teen slasher starring Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary from Little House on The Prairie) gets a new DVD release with the original music score. SKIN IN THE 70s: GRINDHOUSE COLLECTION - Four tawdry films: Blue Summer (1973), Sometimes Sweet Susan (1975), Summer School Teachers (1974) and Teenage Divorce (1972) starring George 'Sulu' Takei. BILL NYE: SOLVING FOR X HORI SMOKU SAILOR JERRY--Warning, there be some swearing in this here trailer: NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Adam Resurrected Kenneth Anger: Magick Lantern Cycle CSI: Season 9 Eagles Over London - Another WWII film from the director of the original Inglorious Bastards. Check it out here. Easy Virtue (2008) Facing The Giants Fireproof Friday Girl Next Door (2004)(Unrated!) Hardware High Crimes Hot Fuzz (Ultimate Edition) Lie To Me: Season 1 Lies and Illusions Misery Natural Born Killers (Director's Cut) The Office (US): Season 5 Quick and The Dead (1995) Set It Off Silverado South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut Streets of Blood Sugar Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense Van Helsing Warren Miller: Children of Winter (also on regular DVD) Wrong Turn Wrong Turn 2 NEW TV ON DVD Ally McBeal: Seasons 1-5 Cook's Country: Season 2 Deadly Women: Seasons 1 & 2 Delta State: Season 1 Hunger: Season 2 Inspector Lewis: Season 2 (all four discs also available separately) Legend Of The Seeker: Season 1 Lovejoy: Season 6 Mary Tyler Moore Show: Season 5 Midsomer Murders Sea. 10 Part 1 Mighty Boosh: Special Edition All three seasons are now available all together with exclusive bonus features. My Family: Seasons 3 & 4 6Teen: Season 1 Vol. 1 Some Assembly Required: Seasons 1 & 2 Wycliffe: Season 2 ANIME NEW RELEASES Amon Saga Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohaniho Parts 1 & 2 Boy Who Saw The Wind Hayate The Combat Butler Vol. 2 Master of Epic: The Animation Age Neuro - Supernatural Detective Parts 1 & 2 Sketchbook Sunshine Sketch (Hidamari Sketch) FAMILY NEW RELEASES Baby Einstein: World Animal Adventure Bakugan Vol. 5 Ben 10: Alien Force Vol. 4 George Shrinks: Ghost Grabber Machine Jonas: Rockin' The House Vol. 1 Lions (4 films) Mandie and the Secret Tunnel Mr. Men and Little Miss: Little Miss Sunshine/Mr. Tickle Power Rangers RPM: Race For Corinth Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's The Limit Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana World According to Miley Cyrus NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Antony and Cleopatra (1972)(PAL Code 2) Beauty in Trouble (2008) - Czech Republic By Love Possessed (PAL Code 2) - U.S. film from 1961, directed by John Sturges DreamsDo Come True (2009) - India Eagles Shooting Heroes (2008) - Chinese TV series En Magan (1974) - India Fakira (1976) - India Fighter (2007) - Denmark Filhaal(aka For the Moment)(2002) - India Geisha Boy (PAL Code 2) - U.S. film from 1958 directed by Frank Tashlin Home Run (2005) - Hong Kong Jack Brown, Genius (1996) - New Zealand Karlin Mansdotter (PAL Code 2) (1954) - Sweden Knock On Any Door (PAL Code 2) - U.S. film from 1949 directed by Nicholas Ray Love of Siam (2007) - Thailand Magnificent Matador (PAL) - U.S. film from 1955 directed by Budd Boetticher My Sister, My Love (PAL Code 2)(1966) - Sweden Night Games (PAL Code 2) (1966) - Sweden No Through Road (2009) - Australia PVC-1 (2007) - Colombia Tactical Unit: Partners (2009) - Hong Kong 3 Is A Crowd (PAL Code 2) - Diane Kurys' film from 2003 Ullathai Allitha (1996) - India Way of a Gaucho (PAL Code 2) - U.S. film from 1952 directed by Jacques Tourneur NEW DOCUMENTARIES, ART & MUSIC FILMS American Brew: The Rich and Surprising History of Beer Animal Armageddon: Target Earth Clemenza Da Tito (2005)(Zurich Opera House) FA Cup 2006-07 FC Barcelona: Champions of Europe 2006 - These last two are all about the soccer Good Life: The Joe Grushecky Story In A Dream (Coney Island 1945) Tom Jobin: Brazil's Ambassador of Song Latin Music USA Least Of These New York Noir: The History of Black New York National Geographic: Egyptian Secrets of the Afterlife National Geographic: Where's Amelia Earhart? Private Century - A collection of home movies, photos, letters and diaries made by ordinary folks in Czechoslovakia from the 1920s-60s. Edward Said: Out of Place/Last Interview This Is Berlin Not New York - All about the Antagonist Art Movement Twin Spirits Under The Sea with Al Giddings Visions of the Sea Wreckreation Nation AND MORE MOVIES American Violet Donna On Demand Flavors (2003) Gnaw Gorehouse Greats Collection Haunted Airman - Twilight's Robert Pattison stars as a wounded airman suffering from nightmares who travels to a creepy Welsh castle to seek help from a suspicious psychiatrist (Julian Sands) Horror In The Wind How To Be A Serial Killer Impact (2009) Imurders Infestation (2008) Jackass: The Lost Tapes Killing Room Last Of The Mohicans (1936) Left Bank Love Statue LSD Experience Mail Order Bride (2009) - Made for TV western starring My Two Dad's Greg Evigan and Spaceballs' Daphne Zuniga. Nightmare (2005) The Objective Oral Fixation Pets (1974) Nick Swardson: Seriously, Who Farted? Katt Williams: Pimpadelic Wuthering Heights (1967) As usual, there's more in our New to Store and New to Room (that's the Adult section) as well as our stellar Halloween Staff Picks section. Head in out of the rain and check them out. dragtohell