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This weekend in film

It's supposed to rain this weekend, so bring the umbrella as you wait in line outside various SIFF venues for the films of your choice. You'll find several Scarecrow staffers waiting outside the Neptune Saturday for the midnight screening of The Signal, part of the Midnight Adrenaline series that we've been proud to sponsor this year. We're also curious about American Shopper screening again on Sunday (we missed the big premiere on Thursday) at 1:30 at Harvard Exit, the FutureWave shorts (all made by filmmakers under 18) on Saturday at 4:30 at the Egyptian, Great World of Sound (featuring music by Scarecrow alum David Wingo) playing on Saturday at 6:15 at Harvard Exit and Sunday at 1:30 at the Egyptian and Katsuhiro Otomo (he directed Steamboy and Akira)'s latest Mushishi playing Sunday at 6:45 at the Egyptian. There's also the Michael Haneke films at the Grand Illusion, Prince's Sign O' The Times at the Northwest Film Forum, or the opening weekend of Ocean's Thirteen. If you feel like staying in, there are over 90,000 titles available here at Scarecrow. Check out the Summer Vacation staff picks and the Scarecrow Spotlight section well described here.