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It's the weekend again--time for us to cram as much movie watching as possilble into a 48 hour period while still trying to get out and enjoy what could be the last nice weekend of the year. We just assembled a special scary sales section for our Halloween-themed films, just look for the creepy pumpkin faces in the new DVD sales area. The Hell-O-Ween and Kids Halloween rental sections are also up now. For a scary theatrical experience, our neighbors over at Grand Illusion Cinema kick off ALL MONSTERS ATTACK LIVES! with the can't-be-watched-too-many-times EVIL DEAD II and ARMY OF DARKNESS (make it a double feature for $10!) and Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE in the Late Night slot.  SIFF Cinema continues the chilling suspense with SIX Hitchcock classics: REAR WINDOW and VERTIGO on Saturday, DIAL M FOR MURDER and STRANGERS ON A TRAIN on Sunday and THE 39 STEPS and SHADOW OF A DOUBT on Monday (coninciding with Seattle Repertory Theater's THE 39 STEPS playing now). At Northwest Film Forum there's THE CONEY ISLAND AMATEUR PSYCHOANALYTIC SOCIETY: DREAM FILMS 1926-1972 and the craft-tastic HANDMADE NATION, including a discussion with director Faythe Levine and a panel of local indie crafters after both 1pm screenings. The Coen Brothers' A SERIOUS MAN opens this weekend too, so you might want to make a stop in our director's section for more of their film films. Looking ahead, SEATTLE LESBIAN & GAY FILM FESTIVAL begins next weekend, and we've got the programs here in the store so you can start planning what you want to see. Happy viewing.