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New to View: MacGuffin & Backroom Podcasts

The Sweet Sixteen edition of the MacGuffin Podcast is now available. Spencer and I adjourned to the orange chairs in the Western/War/Adventure section to discuss our viewing habits--how many movies we watch in any given week and how we decide what to see in the theater and what we can watit to see on DVD. We also talk about what films we're most looking forward to seeing in the theater as we head into awards season, as well as what DVDs we're excited to see out by the end of the year. Finally, we confess what films we regret having added to our film libraries. Yes, folks, I bought the Farrelly Brothers' Fever Pitch. What can I say, I was hypnotized by Johnny Damon's then long-flowing locks... Over on the all-things-comics The Backroom Podcast, Kevin talks with Mark Rahner, creator and co-writer of the zombie western comic ROTTEN. We have Rotten available for sale in the store, and check out what local film critic & Rotten co-writer Robert Horton had to say about it back in July on our blog. The special rental section is no longer up, we we still have all the films available to compliment your reading experience. And now that I've already seen Where The Wild Things Are (insert a triumphant howling noise here), here are some trailers for my next most-anticipated films: THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS--in theaters November 6th MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY--on DVD October 27th THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX--in theaters November 13th What are your most anticpated films this year? Post back here or stop in the store and let us know. feverpitch