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A Return to Summer Vacation Revisited Part II

Some of you may have read Madamecrow's post about the Summer Vacation section here at the 'Crow, but in case you didn't, here's a brief re-cap: the staff was asked to select some vacationy/summery movies for a large special section, and we were all (staff and blog readers alike) asked to contribute to the list. The original post was made before the section was actually completed and has since been burried under other posts, so I'm going to revive it here. Here's what we have so far:

Rhias said,

May 1, 2007 @ 11:54 pm Here are a few that didn't make the final cut of my employee pick list: Vanishing Point - This movie makes me want to take a crazy cross country road trip with the windows down and some sweet soul music blasting on the 8-track. Tourist Trap - While on my road trip, I will endeavor to avoid any and all roadside concessions run by Chuck Connors. Dudes - This is another road trip movie which I really love, its kind of like Easy Rider, except that instead of being about some idealistic hippies, its about a carload of punk rockers driving from New York to Los Angeles. Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Killer Mutant Snowman. - You're probably thinking that a movie with words 'killer mutant snowman' in the title has no place on a list of favorite Summer themed movies, but if you are thinking that, you are mistaken. JF2 takes place on a tropical island, where the eponymous snowman is accidentally ressurected. This time he's got even stupider powers - for instance he can spawn killer snowballs, survive in tropical temperatures, and turn even a tropical paradise into a winter wonderland. I would've included it, except that it takes place during Christmas. So, I guess you are right in thinking it has no place on a list of Summer Vacation movies. Impromptu - This is a completely charming costume drama about the love affair between Frederick Chopan and George Sands. The first part of the film takes place over the course of a long weekend in the country, and although it plays fast and loose with the historical facts, it makes up for it by being witty and just plain fun to watch. Endless Summer - This vintage surfing documentary is a real classic. Not only does it have some truly amazing footage, but it perfectly captures the spirit of its era. Even you don't live near the beach, Endless Summer practically makes you feel the sand between your toes. Back to the Beach - This 1987 parody of the classic Frankie Avalon Annette Funicello beach pictures is one of my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. With cameo appearances by Pee Wee Herman, Dick Dale, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Surf Punks, and others (there's even a duet between Annette Funicello and Fishbone) Back to the Beach is one of those rare films that can make me nostalgic for two eras at once.

rianbean said,

May 2, 2007 @ 3:05 pm a polling of our office yielded the following results: -Lord of the Flies -Gleaming the Cube -Blue Lagoon -Sleepaway Camp -The Monkees (TV series) -Wet Hot American Summer -The Goonies -Dogtown and Z Boys -Point Break -Cannibal Holocaust and Overboard, which is was deemed almost too amazing to be confined to just a 'summer movie' list.

madamecrow said,

May 11, 2007 @ 3:32 pm The Summer Vacation section is up! Here are my picks: Jesus Camp Why make macaroni necklaces when you could be crying over tiny plastic fetuses? Why sing around a campfire when you could be speaking in tongues? This summer camp for Evangelical Christian kids is so strict, the kids aren't even allowed to tell ghost stories. Dirty Dancing What would have happened if Baby hadn't carried that watermelon? My guess is the summer would have been a little less eventful. Gidget Girl likes boy. Boy likes to surf. Girl learns how to surf to attract attention of Boy. Minor complications ensure, but all is resolved when Girl remembers, 'To be a real woman is to bring out the best in a man.' Boy and Girl fall in love and surf together. Ugh. This film is downright ridiculous, but the fake surfing close-ups are hilarious. Neverending Story This must have been the only VHS tape available for rental or purchase in the greater Omaha area during the summers of 1985 and 86, because it was the ONLY movie ever showed at my day care center. I still smell the clover in the play yard whenever it's on. R.E.M.: Parallel 'Nightswimming' is the perfect summer evening song and the video, directed by Jem Cohen, perfectly captures that humid Southern twilight. 'September's coming soon' Seattle Mariners: Sweet 116: The summer of 2001 was an wonderful and welcome reprieve from the usual pain and suffering that comes with being a Seattle Mariners fan. A League of Their Own Dirt in the skirt!! Dirt in the skirt!! Head Every summer needs a great soundtrack, and this film certainly has one. The scene where Mickey roams the desert (shirtless!) and finds a Coke machine is wonderful too.

Monty Ashley said,

May 12, 2007 @ 6:01 pm I would take any opportunity to encourage people to see Weekend at Bernies II, which I assure you is not nearly as bad as you think it is. High praise, I realize.
Here's my list: When I first heard about this section the first two movies I thought of were Summer Rental, Summer School, and Bikini Carwash Company. I'm sorry, but those were just the seminal summer movies to me as a kid. Unfortunately these movies were already chosen, and for the sake of diversity we are not allowed to pick movies that another staff member has already selected. These were the 10 unique titles I came up with: Repulsion-While housesitting for her sister who is away on vacation, Catherine Deneuve goes cabin fever, batsh*t crazy! Spend the summer indoors in Seattle, and this could happen to you! I Vitelloni- Perhaps not all focused on summer or vacationing, this nostalgic, wistful film about a group of intelligent but shiftless youth who try and figure out life, the universe, and everything else upon graduating high school. Last American Virgin- Another nostalgic high school summer flick, but this one has the 80s teen sex comedy angle. Unlike most though, this has an emotional depth and an almost sobering realism. And it's a remake of an Israeli movie! Westworld- I went to a lot of theme parks as a kid growing up in driving distance from Orlando, Florida. None of them sucked as bad as Westworld (the fictional place not the movie). Two Thousand Maniacs- Pretty much what vacationing in the South is like. Dangerous Seductress- Like Repulsion, a woman is housesitting for her sister. Unlike Repulsion it's set in Indonesia and features tons of black magic, machine guns, and deadly seduction. Crazy Safari- A Chinese hopping vampire accidently gets dropped on a primitive African tribe where N!xau from the Gods Must Be Crazy movies befriends this new arrival. Then the wizard and his apprentice who lost the vampire in the first place have to go on one crazy safari to get the vampire back. Zoltan, Hound of Dracula- Michael Drake (a last name we learn is derrived from Dracula) and his family go on a camping trip in the woods. Unfortunately it turns out Michael Dracula is related to THE Dracula (I know, who saw that coming?!) whose faithful hellhound, Zoltan, has just been resurrected by some bumbling fools. Zoltan begins recruting zombie dogs and attempts to reunite himself with the Dracula bloodline. Purple Noon- A Mediterranean vacation goes horribly wrong in this French variation of the Talented Mr. Ripley. Night of the Demon(1986)- A bigfoot/sasquatch terrorizes campers. Noteworthy for a scene in which a urinating man has his, ahem, equipment removed by an angry bigfoot. That's pretty much all you need to know.