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Movies for the weekend, before/after/instead of Spider Man 3

--HE-MAN raises aloft his magic sword this weekend at the Grand Illusion Cinema in He-Man &She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword. A mysterious jeweled sword is giving The Sorceress evil nightmares, so He-Man must travel to the far off land of Etheria to find the sword's counterpart and unlock its secrets, battling Hordak and Skeletor and engaging in some weird flirtations with She-Ra along the way. Having spent years of childhood watching He-Man at my day care center crowded around a tiny TV, I look forward to seeing (spoiler!) Prince Adam and Cringer's historic transformation in 35mm on a big screen. It plays at 11pm on Friday and Saturday. --Two non-Spidey movies opening this week: At the Varsity there's Everything's Gone Green, written by Douglas Coupland. Coming from the author of Generation X, it's no surprise that Everything's Gone Green is about a down-on-his-luck slacker who engages in some get-rich-quick schemes to impress a lady. The reviews so far state it is witty, charming and clever. At the Metro there's Civic Duty, which stars Peter Krause (Casey from Sports Night to some of us, Nate from Six Feet Under to everyone else) as Terry, a man who loses his job and ends up watching a lot of cable news. The stress and anxiety of unemployment coupled with relationship woes and the constant stream of fear being reported on TV, Terry to become obsessed with terrorist plots and increasingly (and dangerously) suspicious of an Islamic neighbor. Civic Duty also stars Richard Schiff (Toby from West Wing and Elijah Wood's dad in Deep Impact) as an FBI agent with whom Terry shares his suspicions.-- --The Goonies is the midnight movie at the Egyptian this Friday and Saturday. This explains why I've had "OK Brand, Michael Jackson didn't come over to my house to use the bathroom...but his sister did!" running in a loop in my head for the last week. --Academy Award Winner for Best Foreign Film The Lives of Others is at Seven Gables. Unfortunately didn't get a chance to see it before Oscar time, but everyone I know who did see it thought it was amazing, as did The Stranger. --Take advantage of the fact that everyone else is at Spidey and go see Hot Fuzz again. I speak from experience that it is even more hilarious the second time, and you'll have room to put your feet up. If you haven't seen it yet, maybe you should see Spidey first. It might be even more of a disappointment to watch it after the glory that is Hot Fuzz. Post back here and let us know what you think of Spider Man 3. The early staff reviews aren't good...