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Super Xuxa vs. Satan

This is currently what I'm watching. Unsubtitled as it comes on the DVD that we purchased from Shocking Videos. I wanted to watch some weird stuff so I looked to our "New to the Store" section and found Xuxa. I was really lured into this by reading the great explaination Shocking Videos supplied. "Hallucinogenic weirdness from everyone's favorite clothing-optional kiddie show hostess, Xuxa! Furious over her campaign to have street urchins paint rainbows all over Rio, Satan(!) sends his two henchmen to kidnap Xuxa's little doggy, Xuxo. She of course goes after the mutt and we're treated to a barrage of truly twisted imagery, gross out humor, and sexual symbolism so blatant even Freud wouldn't touch it with a ten foot cigar: Xuxa rides a big pink dolphin under the ocean, a talking worm squirts magic fluid onto Xuxa's fingernail, one of the henchmen cuts off his finger while chopping up sausages, not exactly subtle is it? Add to that the fact that sexy Xuxa runs around in incredibly tight hot pants, rides a flashy white motocross bike, and busts moves that any pole dancer would admire and you've got the kind of movie we absolutely love! Portuguese language with no English subtitles." I have yet to find all the darkly perverted overtones that they apparently saw. Which is disappointing. They must have their minds in the gutter all the time.  I was hoping to be slightly disturbed and weirded out by what seems like a childrens movie. However, the current scene involves Xuxa in a hellish place full of paperwork and to break away from it she dances to delightfully happy music while making paper mache apples. Not quite as weird as I wanted. I totally give Brazil props for being really open and accepting of movies like this. Since in 1988 it was the most watched film of that year according to Wikipedia. Granted... it's bizarre, it's just too safe for me. I really do think it's for families. It has dark and dirty bad guys and the bright and happy good girl. Xuxa's mission is to save her pet dog, which is a puppet. One of hundreds! Which really makes this feel like Jim Henson's Labyrinth. I would have to say this would be best for a party situation where people are going to be talking at loud volume and drinking heavily. Glancing once in a while just to laugh your butt off. Swellzombie