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Hello and welcome to our weekend viewing recommendations. The Coen Brothers' new film A SERIOUS MAN comes out next Friday, so we suggest you spend some time between now and then visiting their directors' section. Have you seen THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE recently? We also just got in a new batch of Warner Archive titles, including the long-lost TV movie BAD RONALD. In theaters, Range Life Entertainment, "a film exhibition touring company committed to breaking distribution boundaries and expanding communities that sustain a boundless creative connection" that travels around the country delivering independent films directly to captive audiences everywhere makes a stop at Central Cinema tonight and Sunday with six excellent films, including the end-of-college comedy BOX ELDER, LAST CUP: THE ROAD TO THE WORLD SERIES OF BEER PONG and Todd Rohal's GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE starring Will Oldham. The DIY spirit of all these films and folks who bypass the traditional distribution circuit to get these kinds of films seen is commendable, so support the indies with some great movies (and some pizza & beer if you're so inclined). Check out the CC calendar on the link above for all the films and showtimes. Elsewhere on Capitol Hill, Cine Seattle presents the Seattle International Latino Film Festival at Northwest Film Forum. Before you go be sure to revisit Episode 6 of the MacGuffin Podcast in which Spencer talks with filmmaker and festival organizer Tristan Renteria. There's also the REVENANT FILM FESTIVAL on Saturday at the Museum of History and Industry, showing many zombie-riffic films including SIFF 2009 hit ZMD: ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION. SIFF Cinema has WALT & EL GROUPO, a documentary about Walt Disney and a team of animators (including the sublime Mary Blair) "goodwill tour" of South America in 1941. The film was directed by Theodore Thomas, son of Disney animator and El Groupo member Frank Thomas. At Grand Illusion Cinema there's LOREN CASS, the story of three teenagers in late 90's South Florida dealing with the real-life shooting of a black motorist by a while police officer. VARIETY says it is a "vital alternative to the usual adolescent drama, making even Larry Clark look tame by comparison." Also in our neighborhood, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is playing at midnight tonight and tomorrow at the Neptune. You may also want to check out electronic music, art and new media celebration of the Decibel Festival. Did we forget anything? Let us know at You can also share your thoughts on what's coming up, what you're watching or ask for film recommendations on our Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and yes, even here in the store. We hope you enjoy whatever you choose to view this weekend.