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Summer Vacation Staff Picks...and yours too!

Though you can't tell by recent weather conditions, the days are getting longer and the air is getting warmer and soon the clouds will break, unleashing the full radiance of the Northwest sunshine. We at Scarecrow decided to hasten the arrival of summer with a new staff pick section: SUMMER VACATION!! What does that mean? According to our wise inventory office folks, it's anything from films featuring the beach or other tropical locales to road movies to vacations gone amuck or anything that keeps with the spirit of summer. How do we go about assembling a section such as this? Here's how it usually works: 1) The idea for a section is hatched, either by one inspired staffer or a group of inspired employees. 2) The idea is presented to the inventory office powers that be, who say, "Sure, sounds awesome!" 3) Blank ballots are printed out for the entire staff to fill out. Depending on the size of the section, we usually get five to ten picks. We can't repeat other employee's picks, so the competition to fill out ballots is always fierce. 4) We post our completed lists on the shelves in back so everyone can read what's been picked. People like to congregate there and comment on everyone's choices. Most of it sounds like this: "DAMN! Why didn't I think of that!" and "DAMN! I wanted to pick that!" 5) Once most everyone's done, the hard working inventory crew runs around the store collecting all the chosen films, processing them in our scientific database, putting clever stickers on each box and finally placing them all together on the shelves for you to browse and take home to watch. The ballots for SUMMER VACATION just went out this morning and already there are many completed lists. A quick glance so far shows they're heavy on the horror films and include titles ranging from Do The Right Thing to Ernest Goes to Camp. Once the section is up and running, we'll post our lists and let you know why we picked what. However, we're interested in what films YOU would select for a SUMMER VACATION section. Post back here and let us know!