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A few midweek news notes: #1: Congratulations to local filmmaker James Longley (Iraq In Fragments) for winning a MacArthur Genius grant. We direct you to Annie Wagner's overview of Longley's amazing work over on SLOG. We have his 2002 film Gaza Strip in the World History section and Iraq In Fragments with the short film Sari's Mother in the War Documentary section, both inside the Documentary room. #2 If you've been in the store recently, you've probably seen the large face of Clive Owen staring down the staircase from the poster for The Boys Are Back. It's playing tomorrow,(so Thursday, September 24th) at7:30pm at SIFF Cinema. See it before it hits theaters and support SIFF at the same time. #3: In the "I want to go to there" departmetnt, we discovered this on SLOG today--check out Werner Herzog's Rouge Film School. If your exposure to Herzog is limited to just Fitzcarraldo or Encounters at the End of the World, come check out the many wonders available in his section downstairs in our director's area.