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Swellzombie's staff picks

So I've noticed that neither one of the films that I picked this round of staff picks have rented. That saddens me. Well not really but I thought that people are missing out. Especially people who don't know what they're missing. So I took some time today to write some "shelf talkers" for these two films. The following is what I said about them. If this doesn't get you off your butt and in the store to rent these, then I probably didn't write them convincing enough. First off... "Green Jello Cereal Killer!!!" VHS [this is actually the cover for the CD, there was no cover for the video on Google images, we have a different cover, but I didn't have access to a scanner, sue me] "Yes, this video is quite dated. Yes, the ideas are stupid. But I can't not think it's the most fun band video collection to date. There are people in screwed up costumes, shoddy animation, and BLOOD!! A Rock 'n' Roll Dream!!!" Second is "Pick a Winner!" "PaperRAD and Load Records do a video compilation of noise and experimental acts. Mostly from Rhode Island. There are some crappy video's but also some real good treats to psyche you out. I'm not advocating the abuse of cold medicine, but this would be a good companion to some Robotussin."