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30 Rock: Season 3 and the rest of the New Releases for September 22nd

30 ROCK: SEASON 3 - Fresh off its third straight Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, this season features Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Martin, the cast of Night Court and the benevolent stars of KIDNEY NOW. Rent it to rewatch all the jokes you laughed through or buy it for maximum repeated viewing. Liz's high school reunion, the corporate retreat and Tracy's trip to outer space alone are worth it. Plus, it's on sale in the store and over here. LYMELIFE - Speaking of Alec Baldwin and a cavalcade of stars, this coming-of-age drama set in late 70s centers around an outbreak of Lyme disease in a Long Island neighborhood and stars Mr. Baldwin, Cynthia Nixon, Timothy Hutton, Emma Robers, Jill Hennessy and Culkins Rory and Kieran. OBSERVE AND REPORT - Isn't it great to live in a world where two mall cop movies can be released within months of each other? And that one can be a crowd pleasing top box office draw for weeks while the other is a pitch black comedy with glimpses of full frontal nudity? Seth Rogen plays a dutiful mall cop who springs into hyperprotective mode when a flasher terrorizes the parking lot and threatens his make up counter girl crush (Anna Faris). It was written and directed by Jody Hill, who also gave us the excellent Foot Fist Way and Eastbound & Down. O'HORTEN - A poignant and sweet comedy about a Norwegian train conductor on the eve of retirement who misses his last assignment and spends the next few days wandering about, getting into strange circumstances and reevaluating his life. WALLACE & GROMIT: A MATTER OF LOAF AND DEATH - In their latest adventure, Wallace and Gromit are proprietors of the Top Bun bakery caught up in classic 'who-doughnut' involving a mysterious Cereal Killer. A Complete Collection is also available on DVD and Blu-ray with this and their classics A Grand Day Out, A Close Shave and The Wrong Trousers. BATTLE FOR TERRA - Animated science fiction with an environmental theme. Humans have used up all of Earth's resources and have their sights set on Terra, a peaceful planet inhabited by even more peaceful aliens. In the midst of an impending war a human pilot (Luke Wilson) crash lands on Terra and meets Mala (Evan Rachel Wood). Will their friendship save both races from annihilation? THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO - An animated take on the comic book created by Rob Zombie features the supernatural crime fighting exploits of a masked wrestler, with the voices of Brian Posehn, Rosario Dawson, Danny Trejo, Sheri Moon Zombie and Paul Giamatti as Dr. Satan. CLIVE BARKER'S BOOK OF BLOOD - An investigation of a brutal murder leads to the discovery of a bloody supernatural superhighway. BLOOD AND BONE - An underground fighting extravaganza starring Black Dynamite himself, Michael Jai White. TULPAN GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST RAGE MORE TV ON DVD Sunlight Upon Me - New Korean TV drama! Check it out here. Ugly Betty: Season 3 The Mentalist: Season 1 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Collection 4 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season 2 Brotherhood: Final Season Castle: Season 1 Dark Shadows: The Haunting of Collinwood Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse Corner Gas: Season 5 Fear Itself: Season 1 The Game: Season 1 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Season 10 Rob Dyrdek: Fantasy Factory Nitro Circus: Season 1 NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE (check them out for sale here) There are a couple new Blu discs from Criterion Collection and the Star Trek franchise: Criterion has four new Blu-ray titles: Godard's Pierrot Le Fou, and D.A. Pennebaker's documentaries Monterey Pop, and Jimi Plays Monterey & Shake! Otis at Monterey, also available all together as The Complete Monterey Pop Festival. The new Blu Star Treks are Star Trek: Original Series - Season 2, Star Trek: The Next Generation Movie Collection (with Generations, First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis, plus a new documentary called Evolutions, and the highly anticipated single disc of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. KHAN!!!! Also new in Blu-ray this week are Gojira (the original 1954 Godzilla classic), Edgar Wright/Nick Frost/Simon Pegg's Hot Fuzz and Shaun of The Dead, Italian Job (1969), Woodstock (Ultimate Collector's Edition) and Zulu (1964). NEW ANIME & FAMILY TITLES Honey & Clover: Box 1 Nabari: Complete Series Part 1 Sgt. Frog: Season 1 Part 1 Scandalous John Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins (also on Blu-ray) Smith! True Jackson VP: Season 1 Vol. 1 Wild Country (1971) Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Vol. 6: Rise of the Sacred NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVE (read more about this collection here and here) Bad Ronald (1974) - Our former associate David Wingo had this to say about Bad Ronald in The Scarecrow Movie Guide: 'Of all the creepy 70s made-for-TV movies, the one takes the proverbial cake. Total nerd Ronald lives with his mom and is made fun a lot by other kids. He accidently kills a little girl who was making fun of him. Mom says he ran away but actually she hides him in the wall. When his mom dies, Ronald stays in the wall living off Hershey bars. But soon another family moves in with a really fine daughter. Ronald, who is now filthy due to his lack of access to any bathroom facilities, spies on them and fantasizes about medieval times as he draws medieval scenarios involving himself with the young ladies all over the wall. It's not easy to find this movie, but if you do the rewards will be plentiful.' Across To Singapore (1928) Any Wednesday (1966) Berlin Express (1948, Jacques Tourneur) The Boob (1926, William Wellman) Crime School (1938, Bowery Boys) Desert Nights (1929) Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (1973) Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet (1940) First Texan (1956) The Fox (1967, D.H. Lawrence) Gunfight at Comanche Creek (1963) Highway 301 (1950) Hot Millions (1968) How Sweet It Is (1968) I Died A Thousand Times (1955) King of the Wild Stallions (1958) Kisses For My President (1964) Lady of Chance (1928) Lightning Strikes Twice (1951, King Vidor) Lionheart (1987) Majority of One (1961) Male Animal (1942) Mary Mary (1963) Never Too Late (1965) Not With My Wife You Don't! (1966) Our Gang: Complete Collection (the MGM shorts) The Patsy (1928) Pay or Die! (1960) Plunderers (1960) Quantrill's Raiders (1958) Speedway (1929) Suspense (1946) Tall Target (1951, Anthony Mann) West Point (1927) NEW DOCUMENTARIES & MUSIC & DANCE, ETC. Though local breakdance crew Massive Monkees are out of the competition on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, they'll always be our favorite. We just got in their Massive Monkees 7 Years and 20H6: Step Pt. 2: Souled Out, plus two more breakdancing DVDs: R-16 Korea Sparkling, Gyenggi 2008 and KBS Sky 2006 Armory Cup Korea: Asia B-Boy Aida's Brothers & Sisters (Opera) Barbiere Di Sivigila (aka The Barber of Seville, opera production by Teatro Real Madrid) Brave New Voices - New poets & spoken word artist perform, presented by Russell Simmons Cry of the Wild - Nature doc. from 1972 The Day After Peace - Director & peace activist Jeremy Gilley strives for an actual observance of the UN International Day of Peace. Diary Between Friends - A chronicle of Canadian generosity, kindness and friendship with stranded American air travelers in the days after 9/11. Mitch Fatel: Mitch is Magical - Stand up comedy Flic Flac: Circus Highlights - The greatest thrills from the avant-garde circus troupe. Great Kat: Beethoven's Guitar Shreds Investigative Reports: Secret Life of a Serial Killer Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup Queen of the Elephants Brett Ratner: Director-Shooter Series Vol. 1 - music videos (including Mariah Carey's 'Heartbreaker' ) and more from the director of Money Talks, Rush Hour and X-Men: The Last Stand. UEFA Champions League Final 2009: Barcelona - Soccer! Wrestling Classics Vol. 1 & 2 NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Appointment With Death (PAL Code 2) - A 1988 US film that's never been released on DVD here but is now in the UK. Peter Ustinov plays Hercule Poirot, investigating a matriarch's murder by the Red Sea, suspecting siblings and family associates along the way. Piper Laurie plays the victim, while Hayley Mills, David Soul, Jenny Seagrove, John Gielgud, Carrie Fisher and Lauren Bacall arouse various amounts of suspicion. Adventures of Werner Holt (1964, Germany) Attention (1984, Italy) Axe of Wandsbek (1951, Germany) Boat That Rocked (PAL Code 2) - Brit comedy from this year with Bill Nighy, Nick Frost and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Breathless (Code 3) (2009, Korea) Champagne Murders (PAL Code 2) (1967, France, directed by Claude Chabrol) Coming Soon (2009, Thai horror film) Crime & Punishment (PAL Code 2) (2002 UK production of the Dostoevsky novel) Curse of February 29th (2006, Korean horror film) Derrier Moi (2008, Canada) FAQ About Time Travel (PAL Code 2) (Anna Faris stars in this 2009 Brit comedy about three friends in a pub trying to figure out the various complexities of time travel. Florida, LA (1993, Canada) Gigante (Code 2) (2009, Uruguay) Girl Cut In Two (PAL Code 2) (2008, France, directed by Claude Chabrol) Quadrophenia (Special Edition) (PAL Code 2) Orders To Kill (PAL Code 2) (1959, UK WWII film) Solos (2008, Singapore) Sugisball (aka Autumn Ball) (2008, Estonia) White Night Wedding (2008, Iceland) - played at this year's SIFF AND MORE NEW MOVIES Adam Resurrected Beatific Vision Crazy Girls Undercover Events (1970) Lost & Found Family Murder, Inc. Stolen Paradise Twists of Terror White Trash (1992) There's plenty more new titles in our NEW TO THE STORE and the Adults-only NEW TO ROOM section available for your browsing pleasure. 30rock3