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For fans of all things televised, the EMMY AWARDS are on Sunday night at 8pm on CBS (we won't get them live, so stay off the Internet to avoid spoilers). This year's show is hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, and if you were lucky to see him host the Tonys eariler this year then you know we're in for a treat. You can find out all about the nominees here (Mr. Harris is also nominated). If you're looking to do some last minute viewing this weekend, we've got at least one season of all the nominees for Best Comedy Series and Best Drama Series available for rent. Judging by our rental traffic, MAD MEN and DEXTER are your favorites for Drama and WEEDS is a strong contender for Comedy, at least until 30 ROCK: SEASON 3 comes out on Tuesday. In theaters, the independent film celebration  MAELSTROM INTERNATIONAL FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL kicks off this weekend at SIFF Cinema. In SIFF's neighborhood this evening the REVENANT FILM FESTIVAL folks are hosting a ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL staring at the Queen Anne McMenamins at 7pm, so get out your best fake blood and ripped jeans and head down there. We're still giving away tickets to the Revenant Film Fest, so head into the store and check out the front counter for details. Northwest Film Forum has an amazing sounding live experience integrating original music, movement, and animation called BRIDGING WOUNDS. Closer to our neck of the woods, GRAND ILLUSION CINEMA is showing the Oscar nominated REVANCHE (and be sure to scroll down to see the spooky stuff coming in October). If you missed LLOYD KAUFMAN in our store in June, he's back in town tonight and tomorrow at CENTRAL CINEMA with POULTRYGEIST. And if you're like us and excited for THE INFORMANT!, stop by Steven Soderbergh's section here in the store and indulge yourself in his other works. I know I'm due to watch THE LIMEY and OUT OF SIGHT again. We'll see you in the shelves between Michele Soavi and Aleksandr Sokurov in the director's section.