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New Releases for September 15th

Greetings, all. Here's what's new on our shelves for the week of September 15th. We also just assembled the Patrick Swayze tribute section for your memorial viewing. As I'm sure you've been reminded a lot in the last day, always be nice and never put Baby in the corner. X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE - The summer's first blockbuster! Hugh Jackman reprises his role as the scruffy, brooding super hero and does a lot of growling while running forcefully towards foes. Liev Schreiber co-stars as Logan's brother Sabertooth, who uses his mutant powers for decidedly less noble purposes. Daniel Henney, who some of you may know from the Korean TV dramas My Lovely Sam-Soon and Spring Waltz plays a pretty fashionable bad guy. The 2-disc Special Edition is also available on Blu-ray. DEADGIRL - If you missed this bloody and brutal teen horror/thriller at the Grand Illusion, here's you're chance to see it on DVD in the unrated director's cut. TREELESS MOUNTAIN - It will be a little late getting here, but it looks like it's worth the wait: IN THE LOOP (PAL CODE 2) - SIFF 2009's highly acclaimed Opening Night film. If you like this film be sure to check out the TV show its based on called The Thick of It, along with Time Trumpet and The Day Today, both by wrtier/director Armando Iannucci. GOOD (PAL CODE 2) - Viggo Mortensen plays a professor in 1930s-era Germany who's relatively normal and morally solid life is slowly eroded as he's seduced by the influence and power of the rising Nazi party. STELLA: LIVE IN BOSTON - State members David Wain, Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black take their sketch comedy trio on the road (like they did when they performed in our store in 2003). The DVD also includes bonus sketches, three episodes of Wainy Days and more. EASY VIRTUE - Hitchcock did a version of this Noel Coward play in 1927, now it's director Stephan Elliot (Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) turn. Jessica Biel plays a modern 1920s lady who marries an Englishman (Ben Barnes) and promptly clashes with his proper British parents (Kristen Scott Thomas and Colin Firth). NIGHTWATCHING (SPECIAL EDITION) - Peter Greenaway's film about Rembrandt and his murder mystery painting 'The Night Watch.' The Specail Edition includes Greenaway's documentary Rembrandt's J'Accuse. TRUMBO - A documentary on blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. The film features celebs like Nathan Lane, Paul Giamatti and Donald Sutherland reading from Trumbo's letters to his son interspersed with home movies, interviews, clips from his films and footage from the infamous HUAC trial. TRIANGLE - Ringo Lam, Tsui Hark and Johnnie To join forces for this violent gangster story about three friends trying to pull off a heist with an unbelievable payoff. WAGON MASTER and DIRECTED BY JOHN FORD - Ford's masterful 1950 western (which inspired the TV show Wagon Train) makes its DVD debut, as does Peter Bogdanovich's newly updated documentary featuring interviews with Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood and more. ESSENTIAL ART HOUSE: VOLUME FOUR - This round of Criterion's series includes The Tales of Hoffmann, The 39 Steps, and Throne of Blood, plus three new to DVD classics: Rene Clement's Gervaise, Marcel Carne's Le Jour Se Leve and Anatole Litvak's Mayerling. AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON : FULL MOON EDITION and ARMY OF DARKENSS: SCEWBALL EDITION - New editions of old standards; also available on Blu-ray. PHANTASM II - Read up on this film and director Don Coscarelli's entire filmography in this previous blog post. GRACE (2009) - NEXT DAY AIR - : We love you, Mos Def IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA: SEASON 4 - In this season, Philly's most egocentric bar owners kidnap a food critic, try to sell gas door to door, produce a rock opera and fake their own deaths. PRIMEVAL: VOL. 2 - The continuing adventures of a team investigating some pesky time anomalies that allow prehistoric creatures to wreak havoc in the present. ONE STEP BEYOND: SEASON 1 - The first season of this late 50s/early 60s precursor to The Twilight Zone. MORE TV ON DVD Doctor Who: The Next Doctor - The 2008 Christmas special that teamed David Tennant and David Morrissey together Grey's Anatomy: Season 5 Big Bang Theory: Season 2 My Name is Earl: Season 4 Crash: Season 1 - Dennis Hopper stars in the series based on the, uh, it pains me to type this, Academy Award winning film. Fame: Season 1 & 2 - Remember, remember, remember, remember FBI Files: Season 1 The Guild: Season 1 –Felicia Day's web series about online gamers 'The Knights of Good'.' IT Crowd: Season 3 Mega64 Time! Mega64 Version 1 & 2 Modern Conman Collection - Todd Robbins, America's leading con man, shares his secrets. Pure Pwnage: Season 1 - The popular Canadian web series/mockumentary of a professional gamer. Sanctuary: Season 1 - ' The first broadcast caliber Sci-Fi series developed specifically for the Internet and the first to be filmed entirely on Green Screen,' according to Treasure Quest: Season 1 - Set sail for a real-life search for shipwrecks and lost treasure. ANIME NEW RELEASES Dragon Ball: Season 1 (Uncut) Ghost Slayers Ayashi Vol. 5 & 6 Magikano: The Complete Series FAMILY NEW RELEASES Barbie and the Three Musketeers Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Advs. in Wonderland Red Hang Gang; Complete Series Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Clone Commandos Walking Thunder X-Men: Vol. 3 & 4 NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE New World (Malick, Extended Cut) Barbiere Di Sivglia (Teatro Real Madrid) Carmen (2007, Royal Opera House) Child's Play Hannibal Lector Collection The Ultimate Force of Four which includes: Hero Iron Monkey (1993) Legend of the Drunken Master Zatoichi (2003) Also available separately for sale ever here NEW FOREIGN FILMS & IMPORTS Akai Ito (2009, Japan) All The Right Noises (1969, British comedy) (PAL Code 2) Boat (2009, Japan) British Cinema Comedy Collection (includes Where There's A Will, Down Among The Z Men, Love In Pawn, Those People Next Door, No Smoking and Not So Dusty) Four Dragons (2009, Hong Kong) Halifax F.P.: Case Files #1 (1997, Australian TV) (PAL Code 2) Herostratus (1967, experimental films from the US) (PAL Code 2) Largo Winch (2008, France)(Code 3) Last Princess (2008, Japan) Longest Night in Shanghai (2007, Japan) Man of Violence (1970, UK) (PAL Code 2) Merci La Vie (1991 French film by Bertrand Blier)(PAL Code 2) Red River (2009, China) (PAL Code 6) Rumba (2008, France) Sex & Philosophy (2005, by Mohsen Makhmalbaf) (PAL) Shadow Boxer (Shaw Brothers 1974, Hong Kong) Spring Subway (2007, China) Thoughcrimes (2003, US) (PAL Code 2) Xcaliber (2001) Series Parts 1 & 2 (2001, family-friendly animation from France)(PAL Code 2) NEW DOCUMENTARIES/MUSIC/ART, ETC. 50 Years of Formula 1 On-Board Accessing the Mystic: Regaining a Sense of the Sacred Body, Mind & Soul Vol. 2: Soul of Healing - featuring Deepak Chopra Firing Line: The Avant Garde Firing Line: The Hippies Firing Line: The World of LSD - Three sets of William F. Buckley's public affairs show First Comes Saturday, Then Comes Sunday - Doc. on Christians in the Middle East Full Battle Rattle - Watch as an elaborate warfare simulation unfolds In The Company of Whales K-OS: Publicity Stunt Last Lecture - featuring Randy Pausch Meditate and Destroy - 'takes you into the world of punk rock, spirituality and internal rebellion through the eyes of bestselling author Noah Levine (Dharma Punx, Against the Stream). This powerful film examines the driving forces that transformed Levine from a violent, addicted rebel to a dedicated teacher and community leader. Tattoos, motorcycles, music, peace and Buddha all work to tell the inspiring story of finding new paths. National Geographic : CIA Confidential Jack Nicklaus: Golf My Way - Trust the man, he knows his golf. Note By Note: Making of a Steinway L1037 Old Jews Telling Jokes - 'Just what it's called: Old Jews telling jokes. The 18 joke tellers featured aren't professionals; rather they're doctors, lawyers, a garment worker, a wine salesman - just like your favorite Jewish uncle or grandparent. With wonderful timing and mannerisms, and bouncy klezmer music backing them up, these funny old alter kockers deliver, with great delight, the off-color and risqué jokes from a bygone era.' Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment Arnold Palmer: Golf's Heart and Soul - You can trust his golf, too. Saga: Contact - Live in Munich Secret Chiefs 3: Live at the Great American Hall So Help Me God--"Advertising guru Simon Cole loves his job, his car and his wife, but feels spiritually empty and disconnected. Wondering if he was the only person in America not talking to God, he starts an amusing personal journey across the country in search of God in different cultures. In encountering the Mormons, Muslims, Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses of America, So Help Me God is the story of one man's journey to find a spiritual life and fill the hole he feels his life is missing." Surfing 50 States Tinariwen: Live in London Traveling with Yoshitomo Nara Vive Guerrero! Tribute in Memory of Eddie And three documentaries by Tony Palmer: John Osbourne and the Gift of Friendship, Andre Previn: The Kindness of Strangers and Peter Sellers: The World of Peter Sellers AND MORE NEW MOVIES Bodyguard: A New Beginning (2009) - Unfortunately, this isn't a straight to video sequel to The Bodyguard, it's a martial arts film. Camille (2007) - Indie comedy with Sienna Miller and James Franco Decomposed - A man hires two guys to dig up his ex-fiancee's body to get the ring. Really. Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood--Deluxe Edition Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan--Deluxe Edition Golden Age of 2nd Avenue Knights of Bloodsteel - Legends, knights and dragons, oh my! Naughty Nymphs Nude in Dracula's Castle - Be careful, I imagine his castle is pretty drafty. You don't want to catch cold. Radio Patrol - Serial from 1937 As always, there's more in the store so come in and check 'em out. it'ssunny