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We bring you 'The Scarecrow Video Movie Guide' & a release party on 11/16!

Last year we partnered up with Sasquatch Books to write a book, and we're happy to finally have the heavy, 800 page document in our hands. Our staff and friends reviewed movies from the film fan's perspective. There's no interns writing a review about how E.T. is the best movie ever made - if we like it, we review it honestly. If we hate it (evil grin) we review it honestly. It's on sale here on the site and in the store a few weeks early - check it out, we think you'll enjoy it! We're having a release party on Tuesday, November 16th at 7:00PM over at the Seattle Art Museum. With the help of Sasquatch Books, The Stranger &SAM we have the Northwest (US even?) debut of Zhang Yimou's House of Flying Daggers, host Harry Knowles of Aint-it-cool-news and live music from Maldives, The Long Ranger + DJs Krisp Packet &Reverend Spenser Hoyt. Tickets for the film are available in limited quantity here at the store starting 10/27! If you can't make it to the film, come out for the music and cash bar!