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Painted Box Spotlight Episode 2: Deadly Death Warriors

My apologies for the long delay since the first installment of the Painted Box Spotlight, which will be a regular tribute to the dying art of painted movie advertisements, and an appreciation of some of the best and worst illustrated box covers from our collection. In today's episode, we deal mostly with movies that have the words "Deadly" or "Death" in the title.


Deadly Prey
Deadly Prey is one of many strangely rendered rip-offs of the Rambo: First Blood Part II poster. I enjoy these sorts of boxes done by painters who have been able to develop their skills really far without quite getting the hang of anatomy or perspective. (That gun has kind of an MC Escher quality - I can't tell which direction it's pointing.) Also note the obscene placement of the knife, which I am willing to believe was done by accident. I haven't seen the movie, but I've been assured that it has a humorous home-made quality and that the guy really does wear those cut-offs.
Death Promise
Death Promise is apparently an angry class war battle against an evil landlord. Don't worry, we're on the side of the working man, as you can tell by how filthy our box is. There's all kinds of crazy stuff going on in the background, including this guy being bodyslammed:
Death Promise detail
Man, he picks the guy up like he's made out of cotton! Fire, terror, rats, impalement, ninja stars, a sleeveless vest - this one has everything.
Death Cheaters thumbnail
Death Cheaters is not quite as impressive, but there's something appealing about the spareness of the art and the precise linework on the gunman in the foreground. The real reason I chose this box though is because it looks like our copy has been through so much. There's a whole history on there. Obviously it was next to a window for a long time, since it is so faded. You can see some previous store that owned it had it in their adventure section, and there are two other markings where other stickers once were, as well as an inventory number written in pencil. How many mom and pop stores has this copy of Death Cheaters travelled through in its time on earth? Hopefully it will continue to cheat death at least until it's available on DVD.
Death Cheaters detail
Here's a detail of the dude hanging from the helicopter. I've noticed that a lot of the guys on these painted covers look kind of like Chuck Norris.


Warrior Within thumbnail
Speaking of guys who look kind of like Chuck Norris, this has got to be one of the worst artist's renderings of the current favorite punching bag of ironic internet jokesters, Chuck Norris. I don't know what the hell is going on with his body there - he looks like he's been squirted out of one of those Play-Doh factory toys. His partner with the nunchakas doesn't exactly have the greatest fighting stance of all time, either, even if he is among "the world's deadliest men in actual combat." Thank you - more to come. Previous installments: Painted Box Spotlight #1