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Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone! We're open our usual hours, 11am to Midnight on Friday & Saturday and 11am-11pm Sunday & Monday, for all your end-of-summer viewing needs. We suggest anything from our fine special rental sections, including SIFF 2009, the WARNER ARCHIVE collection, our rag tag STAFF PICKS , or a movie from the BEFORE THEY WERE BASTERDS section. While you're here you can ENTER TO WIN two tickets to the REVENANT FILM FESTIVAL, the zombie-riific movie celebration on Saturday, Sept. 26th. If you're planning on venturing out for film, check out the WASHINGTON GROWN film festival that kicks off TONIGHT at Grand Illusion Cinema. This week features "Local Laughs" from humorous folks such as Black Daisy, fellow VHS aficionados The Beta Society and Adler & Zeinth. Speaking of A & Z, you should check out the latest MacGuffin Podcast, featuring John Portanova waxing poetic about Mike Judge and the greatest movie sequels ever made. It's up now over here. You can gear up for school at Central Cinema has Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (with enhanced listening options available, see the flyers in-store for details). And of course there's a whole slew of shorts and such at Bumbershoot. Beyond the weekend there's CONFESSIONOF A EX-DOOFUS-ITCHYFOOTED MUTHA at Northwest Film Forum with the legendary Melvin Van Peebles in attendance on Sept. 9th. Whether you're at Bumbershoot, gaming it up at PAX, seeing Inglorious Basterds for the third time, or are holed up in your house with Billy Wilder's entire filmography, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable weekend.